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Achilles ligger i framkant i kampen mot klimatförändringarna, är en förkämpe för social rättvisa och mänskliga rättigheter, och en expert på hälsa, säkerhet och riskhantering.

Since our story began more than 30 years ago, Achilles’ goal has been to build a more sustainable, cleaner, safer, and fairer world.

Using our global technology platform and protocols based on our unrivalled ESG knowledge and experience, our highly qualified validators and auditors perform due diligence and provide deep insights that ensure that organisations can confidently manage supply chain risk and fully meet ESG, sustainability, human rights, and health and safety obligations.

I’m delighted to be partnering with Achilles to tackle worker abuse and exploitation.  Our collaboration and sharing of knowledge and data supports both our organisations to build resiliency within global businesses to the risks of modern slavery.

Justine Currell, Executive Director, Unseen UK

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Comprehensive supply chain risk management

Achilles provides a complete supply chain risk solution. We are world-leading experts in procurement and supply chain regulation, health and safety, financial and cyber risk and sustainability and carbon management.

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Unrivalled supply chain transparency

Achilles rigorous validation of supplier information draws from multiple sources to create a complete picture that uniquely also includes in-person audits and worker interviews to provide unrivalled ESG and supply chain transparency.

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Effective carbon reduction

Achilles provides the only accredited Carbon Reduction programme in Europe to independently measure and reduce carbon emissions and meet all stakeholder reporting requirements. In 2022, Achilles saved organisations 97,000 tonnes of CO2 – equivalent to planting 4.8 million trees.

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The Achilles Difference

Achilles is the only ESG specialist to offer truly in-depth assessments, including on-site audits, to provide the level of supply chain transparency and confidence truly required by today’s most environmentally conscious and ethical organisations.

400+ delegates

500+ people

Expert global team including validators and auditors provide end-to-end supply chain management and client support in more than 20 languages.

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17 countries

Global reach and local presence ensures understanding of local regulations, language and culture to enable superior supply chain risk management.

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6500+ audits

Achilles unique desk and on-site audit and worker interview capability supports rigorous supply chain due diligence requirements and goals.

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 10 hours of networking

#1 global platform

The My Achilles platform is designed to collect, validate and manage complex supply chain data and simplify supply chain management and reporting.

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