Risk Mitigation

Supply chain risk is ever present, those who proactively manage it deliver the competitive edge.


The intelligent approach to identifying and dealing with risk

Supply chains are not linear. Here’s how we take the complex network of relationships between buyers and suppliers and make every tier – and every risk – visible.

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Insights provide agility

Without the right supplier data at your fingertips, it becomes a lot harder to react effectively to the risk and disruption your business faces. By collecting and verifying the kind of information that buyers need, we not only sharpen their reaction times, we help them be more proactive in managing and mitigating third party risk with our supplier risk management tools.

Know your supply chain

Through a series of rigorous questionnaires, we analyse supplier data and score them, benchmarking each supplier across ESG, financial, and health and safety metrics – regardless of industry or geography. 

Supply base agility

With access to all the data on a supplier, including how they score against cyber, financial risk, health and safety and ESG – you can easily assess and make changes to your supply base ahead of disruption.

Supply chain resilience

Ultimately, build a supply chain that can proactively avoid disruption as well as recover from any fallout.


of businesses experienced global supply
chain disruption in January 2022

Office for National Statistics


Manage third-party risk

From sourcing and selecting through to your ongoing relationships, our services are designed to reduce third-party risk and operational disruption to improve compliance - every step of the way.

We connect the best to the best. Through rigorous, industry-specific prequalification processes, buyers can rest assured, knowing a supplier meets their own high standards. This allows buyers to concentrate on what matters – like meeting sustainability goals and growing business.

Part of our supplier pre-qualification process is collecting and verifying data relating to risk. This gives buyers a more complete and accurate view of the risk profiles of potential and current suppliers. We remove the uncertainty of working with new companies and help strengthen existing relationships.

We combine business intelligence with data. This allows us to build not only a complete picture of a supplier’s operations but one that’s constantly updated. The resources we use for monitoring suppliers we also put to use for their own advantage – actively helping them identify opportunities for improvements and long-term, profitable relationships.

Here, you can apply filters and see the impact on supplier numbers before running results to optimise your search. You can set statuses for chosen suppliers and add comments all to improve the speed and efficiency of the search process.


Powered by quality data

Supply chains consist of multiple tiers that can conceal reputational, financial and geographical risk. We give you the broadest, deepest view of the supply chain, to identify and mitigate all procurement risk factors.

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