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Comprehensive Supply Chain Risk Management for the Global Energy Sector

The Global Energy Sector is changing, and your energy supply chain and risk management processes are more important than ever. Achilles is here to help. We offer practical solutions for supply chain challenges, helping you stay compliant , efficient and ensuring you have an easy procurement process.

The Achilles Approach

400+ delegates

Lead with Confidence

Use our global insights to guide your strategies , showing a commitment to doing business the right way. Within the energy sector, the strength and integrity of your supply chain management are not just operational necessities but markers of your leadership. Make your Energy Supply Chain the industry benchmark.

Knowledge is Power

Our deep understanding of supply chain risks helps you navigate challenges in safety, cyber security, finance, and environmental factors protecting your interests both globally and locally. Achilles does a complete analysis on supplier performance and provides you and the suppliers with a complete picture and scoring of their performance to enable you to comprehensively manage supply chain risk.

Tailored to Your Complexities

We offer solutions that meet your needs an that keep you updated on industry changes and on environmental and social trends. We enable a clear and transparent picture of your supply chain to make your procurement more efficient, whilst at the same time preparing for global legislation and supporting UN Global Compact to address climate change in an ethical way and meet increasing expectations.


The world’s leading energy companies choose Achilles

Achilles works with the world’s leading energy companies providing support across continents to reduce environmental impact, root out modern slavery, eradicate child labour, support continuous supply chain improvements and ensure supply chain due diligence reporting confidence.

EDF chooses Achilles for ESG supply chain management

Client stories

Achilles clients are market-leaders at the forefront of environmental and social governance.


Solutions for a safer, fairer, lower carbon energy industry

Achilles has many decades of experience working with the world’s leading energy companies to address supply chain risks, reduce carbon emissions and deliver exceptional supply chain transparency.

Prequalified Supplier Network

Access a rigorously validated database of pre-qualified global energy industry suppliers meeting local and international ESG and procurement regulations.

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on site audits

Supplier Due Diligence

Rigorous assessment and validation of your supply chain to ensure your suppliers meet your standards and ensure you are compliant with the regulations relevant to your operations.

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Carbon Reduce

Effectively measure, manage and reduce your carbon footprint with the world’s only ISO14064-1 Carbon Management Scheme.

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Statement of Assurance

Clearly demonstrate your performance against ESG KPIs and Sustainability Performance Targets (SPTs) to lenders and other stakeholder groups.

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Global Energy

Benefit from our global and local knowledge, enhancing your reputation as a company that understands and leads. By joining our Global Energy Network you can achieve compliance, mitigate risk and play your part to making an ethical transition to a green energy future

Achilles industry insight

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