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Global protection from ESG risk

Protect your business from Environmental, Social and Governance risk and confidently meet global supply chain compliance requirements with Achilles’ unrivalled supply chain risk assessment, on-site supplier auditing, ESG scoring and reporting services.


Achilles offers best protection from ESG risk and drives supply chain improvement

Achilles offers best protection from ESG risk and drives supply chain improvement

Identify your ESG risks

Achilles rigorous supplier assessment enables you to fully understand your global supply chain risk.

Drive ESG improvement

Desktop and on-site audits and Achilles worker interviews enable you to improve supply chain performance and better protect from supply chain risks.

Demonstrate ESG compliance

Don’t settle for greenwashing. Meet your most ambitious sustainability goals and report with confidence with Achilles’ systematic, multi-stage supply chain risk management.

Achilles helps Tesco reach new ethical employment standards

“We knew Achilles was very thorough and very flexible in its audit approach and that this was something we really benefitted from in working together.”

Courtenay Forbes, Human Rights Manager


A complete end-to-end sustainable supply chain solution

Achilles provides a complete sustainable supply chain management programme that enables organisations to confidently report and disclosure ESG status and improvements with confidence in any market and to any stakeholder group.

Extensive data collection and aggregation
Verification and validation
Supplier benefits

We collect and analyse data from a wide range of primary and secondary sources to ensure you see not only what has happened in the past but, more importantly, where your risks might lie in the future. You can also add your own ratings from you and view ratings of other buyers across our network to provide a more comprehensive understanding. Our comprehensive evaluation is the most comprehensive in the market and includes ESG, Financial and Health and Safety risk to give you maximum supply chain protection and confidence.

Achilles undertakes unparalleled validation of supply chain information and, uniquely, also provides world-class desktop and in-person audit services to enable you to go deeper into your supply chain and ensure you are fully able to meet your own organisational standards, all relevant ESG and supply chain regulations and investor expectations.

At Achilles, we strongly believe that ESG should and can never be a “one and done” process. We continuously work across your supply chain to keep data up to date, monitor their ESG performance and provide you with ongoing protection from supply chain risk.

Our processes have been continuously refined over more than 30 years of supporting international clients, aligned to industry regulations and standardised models to enable the continuous improvement of your supply chain.

The Achilles platform makes comprehensive supply chain information and analytics available at the touch of a button to support all your reporting requirements. For customers that want to go further, we also offer bespoke Reporting services to meet specific regulatory, investor and other stakeholder requirements.

When you work with Achilles, not only are you improving your own supply chain management, your suppliers also gain significant value from an Achilles programme – understanding your risk and performance requirements and working to not only achieve them but exceed them, to stand-out from the crowd and win new business. Suppliers who invest and complete the pre-qualification process are visible to regional, national or international buyers and see significant commercial benefit from their participation.

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