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Enabling Due Diligence Best Practices

Achilles audits and assessments empower businesses to ensure compliance with regional and global business standards across H&S, Environment, Quality, and Social Responsibility.

Trusted by internationally recognised organisations

Sainsbury's chooses Achilles for ESG supply chain management

Why Achilles Audits

Go Beyond Due Diligence

Achilles audits drive buying organisations toward compliance best practices, boost trust, and foster transparency across the entire supply chain.
In turn, suppliers gain a competitive edge by demonstrating their commitment to exceeding sustainability best practices.

Demonstrate Credibility

Suppliers showcase their commitment to quality, safety, and responsible business practices, boosting their reputation with potential clients.

Gain Competitiveness

It helps suppliers stand out from the crowd and win new business opportunities.

Simplify Compliance

It allows suppliers to meet industry standards and regulations, reducing the burden of managing compliance documentation.

Identify Strengths

The audit report provides invaluable insights into areas where suppliers excel at as well as potential areas of improvement.


Audits around the globe.


Years of experience.


Auditors located internationally.


Protect your company’s reputation by confidently reporting on your supply chain transparency, meeting today’s high ethical, sustainable, and environmental standards.

Desktop Audits

Desktop audits are conducted remotely and assess a company’s management system documents to verify compliance with international legislation and standards, including ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and SA8000, as well as reporting frameworks and standards.

On-Site Audits

These comprehensive evaluations go beyond documentation, assessing management systems and involving anonymous stakeholder interviews. Delivered by certified worldwide auditors, these audits provide a deeper understanding of a company’s practices.

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