Regulated buyers are restricted in who they can buy from. Our training helps buyers understand and navigate these restrictions – overcoming a major obstacle in procurement.

Why Training

Making opportunities accessible

Public procurement is often complicated. Whenever tax payers’ money is spent – whether in the field of utilities, health, housing, transport or critical infrastructure – buyers have a duty to exercise the highest levels of diligence.
Having a detailed understanding of the procurement rules – and the practical implications for tenders – is a huge competitive advantage.
Our experts have years of experience working with public sector and utilities organisations and the EU procurement regulations that determine their supplier selection. At our one-day programmes you’ll:

  • Learn how to find tender opportunities with regulated organisations
  • Gain detailed insights into relevant procurement directives
  • Take away a toolkit of knowledge to help you win regulated contracts
Making opportunities accessible

“I had little knowledge prior to the event but I am leaving with real purpose and a path to follow” 

Tom Morgan, Business Development, National Grid

Our programmes

A range of programmes to suit your needs

We have a range of offerings to help you take your business further. Choose one of the below programmes and get answers to your most pressing questions:

  • Finding new opportunities
  • The tendering process
  • Public vs private procurement
  • EU procurement legislation
Our training sessions

Find a session by selecting the region, topic and industry that suits you