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Introduction to Remedies

Introduction to Remedies

Online Course

Introduction to Remedies

½ day 10.00 – 13.00

This course provides an overview and understanding of the Remedies that are available to suppliers who believe their rights have been breached. The Remedies Directives coordinate national review systems by imposing some common standards intended to ensure that rapid and effective means of redress are available to all aggrieved bidders who consider that contracts have been awarded unfairly. The course also addresses the remedies available to aggrieved suppliers before and after contract award and investigates the remedy of ineffectiveness. The course provides a practical summary of the issues and will enable delegates to compare their own experience of working within the law with other practitioners.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at procurement and non-procurement professionals who are involved in regulated procurement and need to know the risks of the current law and the implications around supplier challenges.

Learning outcomes

The course provides an understanding of the basics of the Remedies that are available to suppliers if there is a breach of the regulatory framework of rules. It then moves onto the subsequent consequences that might be. It also highlights what options contracting authorities may utilise to effectively prevent and negate the risk of supplier challenge. It also provides an outline of the challenge process. Delegates will also have an appreciation of new case law which impacts on the procurement process.


· Discuss the Regulatory framework of rules

· Analyse supplier challenges and increase in case law

· Explain how case law affects the way we procure

· Define the rules regarding supplier notification and the standstill period

· Outline how legal challenges can arise

· Explain the different remedies available to the aggrieved bidders

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