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A Roadmap for Readiness Part 2: The Procurement Act 2023, The steps you need to take to ensure you are ready for the changes.

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A Roadmap for Readiness Part 2: The Procurement Act 2023, The steps you need to take to ensure you are ready for the changes.

As we draw closer to the final countdown in what will be the most significant shift in procurement law in recent history The Cabinet Office has released a new Procurement Act 2023 update which has confirmed they are working towards a go-live date of 28th October 2024.   

This second instalment of our article series moves on from Part 1, where we focused on the key aspects of the Act and the imperativeness of getting ready.  Part 2 delves into the most recent developments, highlighting the support structures available to take strategic steps that align with your business objectives.

Latest Developments from the Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office has now formalised the transition timeline, marking the beginning of a six-month preparation period. This period will feature the publication of comprehensive guidance documents and the launch of several initiatives aimed at supporting procurement practitioners:

Guidance Publications: A suite of detailed guides will be published, offering clarity on everything from transitional arrangements to award rules and contract modifications.

Communities of Practice: Starting May 8, 2024, these events will foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among procurement professionals, focusing on navigating new procedures and increasing transparency under the Act.

The Cabinet Office also provides a range of transitional information surrounding the Procurement Act 20203 through the Transforming Public Procurement Page

Facilitating Readiness

Achilles is well positioned to provide tailored support to private utilities, accommodating both existing and new regulations set by the Procurement Act 2023. With the flexibility to continue to adhere to UCR 2016 regulations or transition to the new ones, utilities can rely on Achilles to support their transition strategy according to their operational timelines and requirements.

The UVDB Powered by Achilles Steering Group, which is made up from circa 40 regulated utility contracting authorities, recently discussed the transition approach during a meeting. The contracting authorities voted in favour of maintaining the current UVDB Powered by Achilles as a single enhanced network that delivers a compliant pre-qualification route to market for both the existing QSN (UCR 2016) and the newly introduced QUDM notice (PA23). This approach ensures a seamless transition for buyers and suppliers, aligning with both old and new regulatory requirements without disruption.

Ensuring a Compliant Transition

Over the past three years, Achilles has collaborated with the Cabinet Office, industry and legal experts to develop systems that align with the upcoming regulations.  This gives regulated utilities organisations the peace of mind that their transition will be compliant and as streamlined as possible.

By acknowledging the diverse readiness levels across the sector, Achilles offers flexibility in adopting the new regulations, ensuring that each entity can transition at a pace that aligns with their readiness without disrupting ongoing operations.  For those prepared to embrace the new regulations immediately, Achilles will be ready with the forthcoming QUDM notice, designed to be operational ahead of the Act’s enforcement.

To ensure stability through the transition established systems such as UVDB Powered by Achilles and Link-Up, will continue as an unaffected and compliant route to market. This provides a stable and reliable framework for both buyers and suppliers as they adapt to new regulations.

Comprehensive Support

Robust Supplier Network: UVDB Powered by Achilles and Link-Up offers access to a high volume of validated suppliers, enabling utilities to find and engage with compliant and competitive suppliers efficiently.

Dedicated Services: Achilles’ suite of services, including Account Management, Customer Success, and Customer Growth are designed to ensure a seamless transition for utilities, optimising their procurement processes and enhancing overall supply chain resilience.

Training: Achilles offers the Regulated Procurement Academy that includes 6 modules over a number of weeks and is designed to improve your understanding of Procurement Principles.  By joining our September intake, you will taking a deep dive into the Procurement Act 2023 principles and objectives and how they translate into legislation whilst also applying them in practice. As well as this the Achilles Training Academy offers a full syllabus of courses to support all area of the procurement process.

Continuous Improvement: Joining Achilles ensures that utilities not only comply with current regulations but also benefit from continuous improvements in supplier management practices, keeping them at the cutting edge of industry standards.

Are you Ready?

Readiness for the Procurement Act 2023 requires more than understanding the new regulations; it demands strategic planning, robust support systems, and a flexible approach to adoption. Achilles is committed to providing the tools, resources, and expertise needed to confidently navigate this transition. As the sector moves towards October 2024, we aim the ensure that utilities and their suppliers are not just prepared for the changes but are also equipped to thrive in the new procurement landscape.

Contact Achilles today to discuss how we can support your organisation in aligning with the Procurement Act 2023.

Contact Achilles today to discuss how we can support your organisation in aligning with the Procurement Act 2023.