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Insights and Reporting

Insight to drive business performance

We offer a suite of products that allows you to deep dive into performance from varying perspectives across the supply chain. Insights help you to understand the overall profiles of suppliers against certain criteria, such as health and safety, financial and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our Insights dashboard tool represents a transformational leap forward allowing you as a buyer to make faster, informed decisions on which suppliers you work with, easily identify potential risks in your supply chain and track your suppliers in an efficient and instant way. A system designed around your day-to-day processes and activities.

Business intelligence to help you grow

Individual supplier capability: Gathering performance feedback and using it to help you to make easier, more considered decisions – the supplier profile shows the company name, incorporation year, registration status, whether the company has been audited by Achilles and if the audit is still up to date. Adapt data views to your specific needs – compliance, risk, strategy – and spend more time making decisions and less time collating and analysing spreadsheets.

Supplier groups and lists: View supply chain data through different lenses with built-in analytics as you create, interrogate, compare and share data on lists of your suppliers. Once a user has created a list, the Insights tool automatically creates 10 different ‘insights’ into the chosen suppliers; expiry, geography, products and services, financials, health and safety, management systems, corporate social responsibility, insurances, scores and qualification status. You can interrogate the data to determine if your supply base reflects your organisational values, leveraging our ‘explore’ functionality for supplier groups. With this insight, you can demonstrate competitive advantage in the market, by highlighting the strength of your supply chain.

Scoring: We rate each of your suppliers on any of the following areas; financial, health and safety, human rights, sustainability and governance to give you a more transparency. Our scoring algorithm provides a high level view of how your supply chain is performing, useful when looking to improve the supply chain in certain areas, allowing you to focus on the suppliers who need it the most, whilst giving you benchmarking against the rest of your suppliers.

Insights report: Making insights accessible – giving you data when you need it, wherever you need it. Our insights team produce regular in-depth reporting into community performance against industry standards.

Why us?

We have a wealth of valuable information on communities, buyers and suppliers that we want to share with you to help drive performance based on intelligence. We are all drowning in data, but this cuts through all of the noise to enable you to make data driven decisions about your supply chain. Achilles Insights boosts productivity by putting you in the drivers seat when navigating huge volumes of supplier content – quickly find what you need to drive strategic procurement and compliance decisions.

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