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Supply Chain Visibility


Insights mean opportunity

Valuable insights and business intelligence are the building blocks of performance and opportunity. We can give you a unique view across every level of the supply chain, and importantly, your place within it.

Know your supply chain

You may see news headlines and ask, “What does it mean for me?” Mapping your supply chain can help you to quantify the impact of shortages, upstream of your supply chain.

Assure more suppliers

When supplies are tight, a wide base of suppliers you can rely on is critical to success. Why introduce more risk to your supply chain by relying on unvetted or unknown suppliers?

Build relationships

Share future opportunities and extend favourable terms with key suppliers – when power is on the supply side, suppliers choose the buyers they can see a future with.


of businesses experienced global supply chain disruption in January 2022

Office for National Statistics


Supplier Assurance

Achilles Assure takes the three most frequent supply chain needs that organisations have – and addresses them in one.

Sourcing and Selection
Real-time Supplier Assurance
Whole Supply Chain Visibility

We connect the best to the best. Through rigorous, industry-specific prequalification processes, buyers can rest assured, knowing a supplier meets their own high standards. This allows buyers to concentrate on what matters – like meeting sustainability goals and growing business.

We combine business intelligence with data. This allows us to build not only a complete picture of a supplier’s operations, but one that’s constantly updated. The resources we use for monitoring suppliers we also put to use for their own advantage – actively helping them identify opportunities for improvements and long-term, profitable relationships.

Our Supply Chain Mapping toolkit combines the best in cutting-edge machine learning paired with our validated network of over 175,000 buyers and suppliers. The toolkit delivers the most comprehensive solution available for identifying and assessing risk and compliance in global multi-tier supply chains.

We use multiple methods of identifying relationships between buying and supplying organisations – delivering unparalleled insight into who is in your supply chain, and what products or services they supply. Underpinned by powerful algorithms, we can provide multi-tier visibility of validated suppliers – helping you to manage risk and adhere to supply chain legislation.

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