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ESG Ratings


Raising standards in ESG

Consideration of social, ethical and environmental standards when selecting and managing suppliers leverages the power of supply chain relationships to deliver change at scale.

Achilles Score

Through a series of rigorous questionnaires, we pre-qualify suppliers and score them, benchmarking each supplier across ESG, financial, and health and safety metrics – regardless of industry or geography.

ESG Risk Ratings

Our ESG score allows you to quickly see potential environmental, social and governance issues in your supply chain. It gives you an immediate snapshot of your ESG risk, allowing you to mitigate it.


We sit down with you to get a full understanding of your objectives before putting automated compliance rules into the Achilles system. Once this is done, supplier status will immediately show ‘Compliant’ or ‘Non-compliant’ based on your criteria.


of businesses say the most common driver of their ESG initiatives is a social conscience and the desire to be good corporate citizens​.

Achilles 2021


Keeping your ESG in check

We allow you to concentrate on doing what you do best – growing your business – knowing the important questions have been asked.

Ethical labour practices
Corruption and conflict minerals
Local supply base
Net zero carbon

We gather insight on everyone in your supply chain – including subcontractors – to ensure workers are treated fairly. We provide an additional level of rigour to your code of conduct, CSR and modern slavery statements. 

With our Ethical Business Programme, we empower organisations allowing you to identify, analyse and improve your business’ social and regulatory compliance. We guide you through the whole cycle offering insights to track and measure improvement, helping you take the action where necessary and mitigate the risk of unethical business practices in your business and supply chain.

The more controversial the issue, the greater the damage if your brand is tainted by it. Though the connection may be minimal, if you’re shown to be furthering violent conflicts, the fallout will be anything but. As experts in validation and compliance, we can help you demonstrate your ethical commitments in less time, at less cost and with less effort. 

Through us, you know your operations and reputation are protected from the negative effects of corruption – and that Conflict Minerals have not entered global markets through your supply chain.

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By helping you source suppliers from your local region, you are not only supporting local business, but also lowering transport costs, helping the local economy and keeping more control over your supply chain.  

Partnering with Toitu, our carbon reduction programme is a leading globally recognised certification to ISO 14064-1. We give companies the ability to accurately measure their carbon footprint and develop effective strategies to reduce their emissions. The online platform not only records but calculates carbon emissions whilst our expert team carry out on-site audits, using a comprehensive range of tools to help you demonstrate continuous improvement on an annual basis.

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