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Bærekraftige løsninger for forsyningskjedestyring for frakt

I en tid da den globale shippingindustrien fokuserer på IMOs mål og forskrifter, inkludert ambisiøse klimagassutslippsmål, la Achilles ta byrden av dine bredere forsyningskjedeforpliktelser for å oppfylle due diligence-lovgivningen og investorkravene.


Market-leading energy and transport companies choose Achilles

Achilles works with  leading rail, road and logistics companies across continents to address supply chain impacts, support continuous supplier improvement,  provide due diligence reporting confidence and ensure compliance with ESG legislation.

Shell chooses Achilles for ESG supply chain management

Client stories

Achilles clients are market-leaders at the forefront of environmental and social governance.


Solutions for a safer, fairer, lower carbon supply chain

Achilles has many decades of experience working with the world’s leading Transport and Logistics companies to address supply chain risks, reduce carbon emissions and deliver exceptional supply chain transparency.

Prequalified Supplier Network

Access a rigorously validated database of pre-qualified shipping industry suppliers meeting local and international ESG and procurement regulations.

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Supplier Due Diligence

Rigorous assessment and validation of your supply chain to ensure your suppliers meet your standards and ensure you are compliant with the regulations relevant to your operations.

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Carbon Reduction

Effectively measure, manage and reduce your carbon footprint with the world’s only ISO14064-1 Carbon Management Scheme.

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Statement of Assurance

Clearly demonstrate your performance against ESG KPIs and Sustainability Performance Targets (SPTs) to lenders and other stakeholder groups.

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«I have known of and worked with Achilles over many years, I know that its experience and strong footprint in the more regulated offshore sector has the ability to be a facilitator for these matters for the general maritime industry with its ever-growing sustainability demands.»

Peter Schellenberger, Shipping Supply Chain Consultant

Achilles industry insight

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