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Supplier management community for the UK Utilities industry

We qualify, evaluate & monitor suppliers on behalf of buyers

Geography: UK 
Size: 80 Buyers | 6,700 Suppliers



We facilitate relationships that build business

Achilles UVDB is the community for the UK utilities industry. It enables the utilities sector to use Achilles' proven supplier pre-qualification system to manage risk within the supply chain and comply with EU regulations. Launched in 1996, Achilles UVDB is the largest Achilles community that is also used by the airports and ports sector. Achilles UVDB is managed by a Steering Group comprising of utility buyers to drive industry best practice.


For Buyers

How will Achilles UVDB work for you?

Manage risk
Get an accurate picture of how your suppliers are protecting your business. Ensure suppliers comply with legislation and your own corporate governance.
  Save money
Through achieving operational efficiencies and supporting better decision-making, you will reduce costs. If you need to comply with EU Legislation, using Achilles UVDB for all your tenders that are over the EU threshold can save you  up to 30 days in the procurement process.
Raise the bar
Facilitate business continuity and continual improvement against the latest industry best practise.
  Reliable information
Peace of mind and security that supplier information is up-to-date and where applicable, verified through an independent audit.

You can find more about our advice, consultancy and training services for the regulated sectors if your organisation needs to comply with EU procurement legislation.

Join as a Buyer

Contact our Account Management team to discuss what we can do for you.



For Suppliers

Explore new opportunities, increase visibility to potential buyers and shorten the sales pipeline

Achilles UVDB provides a fair, open and transparent means of supplier selection for potential tender opportunities. Achilles UVDB helps utility companies manage risk within their supply chain and comply with EU Procurement Legislation. Joining Achilles UVDB enables suppliers to:

Win new business
Over 1,500 individual buyer users from over 80 organisations for you to promote your products and services to and access tender selection opportunities.
  Reduce overheads
Complete and maintain a single pre-qualification questionnaire and where applicable, an assessment, for key players in the utilities industry.
Increase credibility
Demonstrate capability to meet the industry requirements through the industry pre-qualification questionnaire.
  Gain competitive advantage
Identify improvements through an independent audit and benchmarking with practical advice and feedback.
Join as a Supplier

Achilles UVDB offers different subscription levels for suppliers; your subscription level is based on the number of product codes you want to present and promote to buyers within the Achilles UVDB Community.

UVDB Tier 1 subscription allows you to choose up to 7 Product Codes.
The fee for this level is £515 +VAT.

UVDB Tier 2 subscription allows you to choose between 8-14 Product Codes.
The fee for this level is £640 +VAT.

UVDB Tier 3 subscription allows you to choose between 15-21 Product Codes.
The fee for this level is £815 +VAT.

UVDB Tier 4 subscription allows you to choose more than 21 Product Codes.
The fee for this level is £1,015 +VAT.

UVDB Small Supplier subscription allows you to choose up to 3 product codes. This is a shorter community questionnaire, is available to companies with less than 10 employees and turnover of less than 1 million pounds. The fee for this level is £100 + VAT.

Those who subscribe at UVDB Small Supplier level may appear in searches at the discretion of buyers who select to include Small Suppliers within their search criteria. However, those that subscribe at this level will be excluded from all EU procurement legislation covered tenders due to reduced information provided in the questionnaire and for the requirement for all suppliers to be treated equally under EU legislation.

You may upgrade your subscription level at any time.

Suppliers who need to demonstrate their capability for contracts with a high emphasis on Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) will need to complete a UVDB Verify audit. 

3 steps to join

  1. Click Join as a Supplier to start your registration process.
  2. Once your payment has been received, you will be sent an activation email to access and complete your pre-qualification questionnaire online. Your questionnaire needs to be data validated and published before a buyer is able to search for your company.
  3. If applicable, complete a UVDB Verify Audit. 

Additional Services

UVDB Verify

Suppliers assessed as having a high risk profile may be required to undertake an audit of their company's Health, Safety, Environment and Quality capabilities. There are different audit levels and the category depends on a number of factors including the nature of the products or services being offered, company turnover and the number of employees. 

UVDB Verify Category A – specifically tailored for small to medium enterprises  with less or equal to £1 million turnover and less or equal to ten employees..
Assessment = £260 + VAT

UVDB  VerifyCategory B1 – a contractor or supplier who works or wishes to work on operational sites owned by the utilities with less or equal to £1 million turnover and employs more than 10 but less or equal to 20 staff or sub-contractors.
Assessment = £1,145 + VAT

UVDB  Verify Category B2 – a contractor or supplier who works or wishes to work on operational sites owned by the utilities with greater than £1 million turnover and employs more than 20 staff or sub-contractors.
Assessment = £1,850 + VAT

UVDB  Verify Category C – an assessment tailored specifically for consultancy and /or design service providers that supply the Utilities sector with no on site activity with more than £1 million turnover and 10 employees or sub-contractors.
Assessment = £1,145 + VAT

UVDB  Verify Category D – a tailored assessment for manufacturing, fabrication, stockists and distributors supplying products into the Utilities sector.
Assessment = £1,850 + VAT

UVDB  Verify Patron Membership - for major contractors employing sub-contractors for key projects. Includes Verify Category B2 assessment and ability to assess own supply chain in the same way as the utility buyers. This option does not include any of the additional buyer features.


With thousands of opportunities published every year, Achilles NOTiCE enables your organisation to be informed of relevant contract opportunities in the UK and Europe as published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Email notifications can be received by up to ten people within your organisation. You will also have access to a database to search thousands of opportunities and gain market intelligence on contracts relevant to your business that have been awarded in the past.

You can add NOTiCE to your Achilles UVDB subscription for an annual fee of £365 (+VAT).



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The Supplier Support team is offering free 1:1s and webinars to all suppliers to assist you throughout your Achilles UVDB subscription.
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The Achilles Difference
Achilles acts as an independent partner, providing validated data and insightful analytics to enable buyers across a sector to identify and manage risk, and suppliers to increase market reach while increasing compliance and minimising costs for the network as a whole.

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