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Responsible Sourcing

Consideration of social, ethical and environmental considerations when selecting and managing suppliers leverages the power of supply chain relationships to deliver change at scale.

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Certified suppliers are 3 x more likely to enforce labour standards.

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Responsible Sourcing isn’t just a buzzword. It’s fundamental to raising supply chain standards and delivering company value. 

Government legislation is increasingly focused on ensuring ethical business practices permeate throughout industry. Whether it is through obligations to treat workers fairly, avoid unethically extracted minerals, or to curb carbon emissions, the trend is clear – not pursuing responsible sourcing in your supply chain could be a crime. From modern slavery to conflict minerals, the international legislative landscape lays out a complex fabric of requirements from ultimate responsibility for breaches within the supply chain to regular reporting. 

On top of regulatory burden, responsible sourcing is an opportunity to drive business value. Financial markets assign significant worth to the principles reflected in Responsible Sourcing. Sustainable index funds have quadrupled since 2017, and now make up 20% of the total. Over 40 exchanges require Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting.  

We are experts at helping you unlock the financial, operational and reputational benefits of working with responsible supply chains. Our focus isn’t just helping companies meet their reporting obligations, we also drive efficiencies, reduce risk and bring down costs. Companies are increasingly looking to drive competitive advantage from the societal, environmental and economical impact of their operations. We work with global supply chains on raising standards across more than 30 responsible sourcing topics. From safety to cyber, we know how to efficiency deliver supply chain transparency. We take the complexity out of sustainability and provide comprehensive reporting and insights to drive actionable business decisions. 


A study by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply revealed that of business leaders have a supply chain they think is likely to contain modern slavery


Raising standards in responsible sourcing

What does a responsible buyer look like?

Cyber Security Management

The nature of risk is changing, and managing cyber security in supply chains is a highly complex evolving function.

Environmental Sustainability

The practice of sustainable supply chain management helps to ensure a better future not just for the planet but for people and businesses.

Ethical Supply Chain Management

Reputation, prosecution, financial loss and the risk to the lives of your employees means ethical behaviour in business is a given.

Health and Safety

The safety of your working environment doesn’t just affect the quality of your outputs, it is a direct reflection of your company’s culture and values.

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How it works

From sourcing and selecting through to your ongoing relationships, our services are designed to reduce third party risk and improve compliance – every step of the way.

Pre-qualification questionnaire
Carbon Reduce Programme
Labour Practices Audit
Conflict Minerals
Pre-qualification Questionnaire

Part of our supplier pre-qualification process is collecting and verifying data relating to financial risk. This gives buyers a more complete and accurate view of the risk profiles of potential and current suppliers. We remove the uncertainty of working with new companies and help strengthen existing relationships.

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Carbon Reduce Programme

Partnering with Toitu, our carbon reduction programme is a leading globally recognised certification to ISO 14064-

We give companies the ability to accurately measure their carbon footprint and develop effective strategies to reduce their emissions. The online platform not only records but calculates carbon emissions whilst our expert team carry out on-site audits, using a comprehensive range of tools to help you demonstrate continuous improvement on an annual basis.

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Labour Practices Audit

We help companies make sure their principles are being met in every part of their operations. Through interviewing workers onsite or looking at management systems, we give you full oversight over your supply chain. Our Labour Practices Audit makes sure suppliers are free from unsafe practices, human trafficking or modern slavery. Tailoring our services for different industries, we protect companies from the damage that conflict minerals, bribery and corruption or unethical standards can bring.

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Militias around the world have long used their control of mines and minerals to fund bloody conflicts. Now pressure is growing on business to ensure their materials aren’t coming from compromised sources. The more controversial the issue, the greater the damage if your brand is tainted by it. Though the connection may be minimal, if you’re shown to be furthering violent conflicts, the fallout will be anything but.

Our service provides clear results, quickly and with far less administrative burden.

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It is absolutely vital to get the supply chain involved. As a standalone organisation you can achieve so much but until you engage the supply chain, you achieve much more significant reductions. Not only that, but we want to work with leading suppliers who are looking at their own.

David Riley, carbon manager, Anglian Water

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