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Fluidra relies on Achilles to assess and enhance the sustainability of its supply chain

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Fluidra relies on Achilles to assess and enhance the sustainability of its supply chain

Fluidra is a global leader in the pool and wellness sector. As a publicly traded multinational group listed on the Spanish stock exchange, Fluidra has made a significant impact since its foundation in 1969. With a presence in 47 countries, the company has demonstrated consistent growth, achieving an impressive global sales volume of €2.389 billion. In this way, the company has established itself as a reference in the industry, offering innovative and quality solutions for pools and wellness.

The multinational group was clear that integrating sustainability into its supply chain was the right strategy to improve operational efficiency, reduce risks, meet market expectations, and contribute to social and environmental well-being. As Carles Picola, Director of Procurement, emphasizes, ‘We don’t believe that sustainability is just a checkbox. We believe that a company that focuses on these criteria is economically more valuable to its shareholders and customers.’ Therefore, the company decided to take on the challenge of integrating ESG criteria into its supply chain with the assistance of Achilles in 2020.

The ESG Criteria Evaluation Process

Since 2020, Fluidra has established an ESG criteria evaluation process for its suppliers with the help of Achilles. The first step involves the signing of the ethical code by its more than 16,600 suppliers worldwide. Next, strategic suppliers must complete an assessment questionnaire on the Achilles platform. This questionnaire takes a comprehensive approach and allows Fluidra to have a 360-degree view of supplier performance.

As Carles confirms: ‘The Achilles questionnaire covers many areas, not limited to ESG topics but also encompasses financial, quality, social security, and more. All these topics are critical for us as a publicly traded company.’”

Having gathered information from suppliers through the questionnaire, Achilles goes one step further by validating the documentation and comparing it with publicly accessible information, as well as information from external sources, such as reports from investigations conducted by NGOs and charitable organizations.

Once the suppliers have been assessed, they receive an ESG score. This multidisciplinary approach provides Fluidra with a clear view of its suppliers’ performance and commitment to sustainability, enabling it to make strategic decisions, such as conducting an on-site audit to verify the provided information and propose corrective actions.

Audits as an ESG Improvement Tool

Achilles’ on-site audits are of great value to Fluidra due to the diversity of its suppliers. These audits involve a visit to the supplier’s facilities and a thorough review of their processes and practices. “The audits allow us to receive a report that is then shared with other buyers across the Achilles network. The good thing about this is that since it’s a collaborative platform, we can share the results and our assessment questionnaires with other companies that have the same suppliers, creating synergy,” adds Carles Picola.

Annually, Achilles conducts approximately 25 on-site audits on behalf of Fluidra, assessing the commitment of its suppliers and ensuring that they make the corrections identified by the expert auditor to continue improving the ESG criteria of Fluidra’s end to end supply chain.

Benefits of Collaboration and Future Vision

By integrating ESG criteria into its supply chain, Fluidra has strengthened its position as a leader in the pool and wellness sector, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Furthermore, Achilles’ collaborative approach has enhanced supplier transparency and quality, promoting an ethical corporate culture and fostering trust-based, long-term relationships.

At Achilles, we are very proud to continue collaborating with Fluidra to support the achievement of its primary mission: creating the perfect pool and wellness experience responsibly.

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