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The simple way to create lasting confidence: Achilles’ audits and assessments


The simple way to create lasting confidence: Achilles’ audits and assessments

For suppliers, the process of proving their credentials and capabilities to new potential buyers can seem like an endless stream of tender questionnaires and pitch meetings. We believe this represents a lot of wasted effort that could be better used elsewhere.

We do our own audits and assessments on suppliers to validate their capability, competence and compliance. We then make this available to relevant buyers with the Achilles stamp of approval. Working across 12 countries, our team of auditors carry out over 6,000 a year, helping to give buyers a competitive edge and add value to their operations.

Our audits and assessments are an important part of the way we bring buyers and suppliers together. By making your data available to all relevant potential buyers, we make building trust and credibility simple.

The good news is that the process is simple for suppliers too.

Our audits

The buyers in our communities outline which suppliers they would like to see further qualifications from, based on their own risk assessment of the sector. After going through an audit, the supplier is awarded ‘Audited’ status, showing that they meet specific compliance requirements.

The audit is the physical verification of a company’s validated supplier questionnaire. Our qualified assessors review the documented policies and processes suppliers maintain and check that these are being adhered to.

Our audits focus on the following areas:

  • corporate social responsibility
  • sustainability
  • health and safety, environment
  • carbon emissions
  • factory assessment
  • quality
  • business continuity
  • human resources

Our audits reflect industry requirements including standards, best practice and country-specific laws.

The benefits

Audits and assessments provide benefits to both buyers and suppliers.

Buyers are able to easily access trustworthy supplier data, discuss and agree corrective action, track supplier audit performance trends and ultimately raise standards. In our UVDB community, suppliers that have been audited by us have fatality rates lower than the UK standardised average. Audited companies have 25% less lost time and 20% lower fatalities than those that aren’t audited.

Our Achilles JQS system is the leading pre-qualification system in the Nordic gas and oil industry. We help buyer members stay informed about the supply base, and effectively meet the challenges of a dynamic and complex environment. Our audits help suppliers demonstrate high levels of compliance to potential buyers, and allow buyers to ensure they work with the right companies. For example, 90% of audited companies have specialised training to handle hazards compared to 60% of non-audited companies.

Meanwhile, suppliers can ensure their positive audit performance is made available to either an entire community or a specific buyer. Our audits are recognised as a transparent and structured process that helps suppliers get their information out there in a way that gives them a competitive advantage.

Impartial expertise: Our promise to you

Each audit is carried out by one of our lead-assessor qualified individuals. Every auditor has undertaken training and is validated by the International Register of Certified Auditors or an equivalent. Our auditors also undergo independent licensing, having passed Achilles’ examinations in assessing their core competencies.

In order to maintain our standards, specific community training and on-going professional development are undertaken by each assessor. Indeed, suppliers can have peace of mind that they are being audited by experts who understand their field.

We also ensure impartiality. Our audits and assessments are fair and just; every supplier that comes into Achilles does so on an equal footing, no matter their size.

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