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Assurance without complexity

Our auditing process is built on input from customers around the world and tailored to the specific demands of your industry. Whether it’s an office-based audit or a two-day site visit, we’ll use our decades of experience to identify issues and support suppliers as they correct them.

Reduced risk, stronger relationships

Don’t duplicate efforts: Groups of buyers agree to standardised auditing procedures, making it easier for suppliers to achieve compliance and reducing the administrative burden for everybody.

Analyse, act: Our insights identify performance trends and potential issues so they can be corrected before problems materialise.

Demonstrate compliance: If there are any issues, we help suppliers formulate and action a corrective plan that shows they meet suppliers’ standards.

Why us?

As the connection between thousands of suppliers and buyers, we have huge amounts of experience of the auditing process – and the headaches it can cause – from both sides. Using this experience, we’ve created a process that is both standardised and specialised. While our methods are tailored to every industry and geography we work in, by creating communities with agreed protocols, we reduce the effort it takes to prove compliance.

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