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As more organisations adopt responsible sourcing practices, key to their success is applying those principles across the supply chain. This community brings together buyers and suppliers who want to measure, assess, prove and improve their sourcing credentials.


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A simpler way to give buyers what they’re looking for – starting with information

Stamp and certificate

Demonstrate that you meet the requirements of current and potential buyers with your community stamp and certificate.


Relevant audit protocols

Industry specific protocols, backed by comprehensive reporting and expert support to identify improvement areas

Data expiry alerts

Maintain an up-to-date profile with these automatic notifications.

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Choose the subscription package that suits you

We don’t believe in one size fits all – so we’ve provided different pricing options based on the number of your product and services you want to make searchable with their own product codes.

A global pricing model is applied to ensure we meet the needs of every customer. See the 'Help & Support PDFs' section above for more information.

Tier 1

1 to 3 product codes


Tier 2

4 to 5 product codes


Tier 3

6 to 15 product codes


Tier 4

16 to 25 product codes


Tier 5

26+ product codes


Pricing shown for Region 1: North America, Northern Europe, Non-EU Western Europe (incl. Switzerland). See the 'Help & Support PDFs' section for full pricing information.

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