The right suppliers from day one

From strategic supplier sourcing to your ongoing supplier relationship, our supplier sourcing services are designed to reduce third-party risk and improve compliance – at every step.


From stability to sustainability

When you’re worried about supplier risk, you can’t focus on your business goals, especially your ESG goals. Knowing your supplier has been through a rigorous process of pre-qualification before you do business together helps start your relationship on the right footing. Factors such as their stability as a business, their attitude to equality, diversity and inclusion, or their sustainability credentials don’t need to be subjects that keep you awake at night.


Insights create efficient supply chains

We’re here to help you meet the requirements of your stakeholders and deliver innovative and sustainable procurement practices. With our expertise in helping you maintain a truly sustainable supply chain, the benefits go beyond providing transparency, mitigating risk and protecting your brand. You can also drive value.

Supplier Scoring

Through a series of rigorous pre-questionnaires, we collect supplier details and score them, benchmarking each supplier across ESG, Financial, and Health and Safety metrics – giving you an objective view of your suppliers. 

Performance Feedback

Given a star rating out of 5 – ranked by other buyers – Performance Feedback allows suppliers to raise their profile and improve their chances of selection in future. This gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re choosing a supplier who’s worked well with others.

Requesting Information

Our RFI (request for information) module allows you to assess supplier capabilities for specific contracts. Not only will it help you create a more manageable shortlist, but you’ll also know you’re inviting the right suppliers to tender. 


of businesses experienced global supply chain disruption in January 2022.
– Office for National Statistics


More pre-qualified suppliers, less risk

Finding a new supplier that meets both your standards and the industry that you work in removes more potential risk. For instance, certified suppliers are more likely to follow ethical labour practises.

From natural disasters to unexpected price increases, you never know when disruption will hit your supply chain. With our list of pre-qualified suppliers already in place – by region or sector – your sourcing team can find new suppliers faster. 

With a comprehensive and detailed view of your supply chain, you can identify potential risks with suppliers more easily. If it looks like it’s going to majorly impact your business, you can switch to a more suitable supplier or choose to work with existing suppliers to bring them up to standard. 

We combine business intelligence with vast amounts of data to build a complete picture of suppliers’ operations, their exposure to risk and what that means for buyers.

But we don’t just use our resources for monitoring. We actively help suppliers identify opportunities to improve their operations – leading to longer lasting, more profitable relationships.


Working with us for supplier sourcing

We connect the best to the best. Through our rigorous, industry-specific pre-qualification processes, buyers know a supplier meets their own high standards. Conversely, that same supplier can concentrate on winning contracts not proving credentials.

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