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Understand the importance of Quality Management throughout your supply chain


Understand the importance of Quality Management throughout your supply chain

Quality Management throughout your supply chain is of paramount importance for organisations looking to maintain competitive advantage, reduce costs, grow their business and always strive for continuous improvement. Maintaining a certified Quality Management Systems (QMS) can help minimise the number of quality issues in your goods and services, while mandating them in your supplier requirements ensures the rest of your supply chain understands the importance of internal controls and how adhering to the highest standards of quality is integral.

With independent certified quality management systems likely to become the standard over the coming years, a thorough certified QMS will help to continually monitor and manage quality across the business identifying areas for improvement.

The importance of quality management system audits

Quality Management system audits provides insight to potential customers that you have an ideal system in place that not only meets their needs and expectations but demonstrates conformance to the industry you operate. It further assures buyers that quality standards are met consistently and to a set standard.

PRI provides critical process audits, that are a layer deeper than quality management system audits. Auditing the process has been the solution to ensuring comprehensive and rigorous control; if you know your processes is being conformed to each and every time, then you can have trust that the product or service being provided will conform to your requirements.

Watch our webinar

Watch our webinar and hear these key themes being discussed by Louis Wustemann, HSEQ Expert, Adam Whitfield, Quality Assurance & Audit Programme Manager, Achilles and Hannah Godfrey, General Manager, PRI Europe on how we quality management systems are likely to become the standard in many markets over the coming years highlighting;

  • The importance of quality management in supply chains & themes from our quality management whitepaper
  • How quality management audits can safeguard quality operations
  • What happens when quality fails – the consequences of inadequate quality management


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