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How the Achilles Global Energy Network helps the Oil and Gas industry meet IOGP Guidelines

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How the Achilles Global Energy Network helps the Oil and Gas industry meet IOGP Guidelines

Achilles Global Energy network provides a powerful and very effective way for oil and gas companies to manage Health and Safety and Environmental excellence in accordance with IOGP 423 Guidelines.

IOGP 423 HSE Management Guidelines for Working Together in a Contract Environment, outlines a set of recommendations and requirements aimed at fostering health, safety, and environmental (HSE) excellence in the oil and gas industry. This is especially relevant in situations where multiple parties collaborate in a contractual environment.

The specifics of the IOGP guidelines may vary, but the general expectations and actions required by companies that choose to follow them remain the same. These include areas such as:

  • Risk assessment
  • HSE management
  • Processes that support robust contractor selection
  • Regular audits and verifications to assess compliance with HSE guidelines and standards
  • Continuous improvement

The IOGP 423 guideline also includes a self-assessment element (IOGP 423-01) to help companies evaluate contractors as part of their procurement and supplier management process.

Achilles Supports HSE Management Excellence

Achilles Global Energy Network has been specifically designed to support and enable the Oil and Gas sector to adhere to IOGP 423 guidelines including contractor self-assessment, contractor auditing and contractor / supply chain risk management as follows:

  • Contractor Self-assessment – Achilles Global Energy Network includes a dedicated IOGP Self-assessment module that is fully aligned to the IOGP 423 guidelines that enables contracting organisations to evaluate and measure their own HSE management systems, practices, and performance.
  • Comprehensive evaluation – Achilles Global Energy Network includes risk management, contractor management, communication, incident reporting, emergency preparedness, training, and compliance with regulations.
  • Continuous improvement – Achilles Global Energy incorporates a scoring mechanism that makes it easier for contractors to identify the areas where they can improve their HSE management systems and practices.
  • Data validation – Achilles independent validation of contractor information enhances buyer confidence further.
  • Risk assessment – The MyAchilles platform provides buying organisations with a clear overview of contractor risk across their upstream and downstream value chain in an easy to analyse dashboard.
  • Desktop and On-site Auditing – Achilles auditors assess compliance with HSE guidelines and standards. This helps to ensure objectivity in evaluating HSE performance – particularly for product categories that are classified as high risk by IOGP.
  • Monitoring and management – Annual assessments enables contractor performance to be monitored throughout the contract duration.

In addition, the Achilles Global Energy Network gives buying/contracting Oil and Gas companies access to a readily available set of pre-qualified contractors – including the results of contractor self-assessments and independent audits to support more efficient procurement to high standards.

To learn more about how Achilles Global Energy Network can support your adherence to IOGP guidelines, as well as making it easier to achieve HSE standards and improvement, request a call back from one of our expert team.

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