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Coping with supply chain complexity

Managing supplier data, dealing with risk, making sure you’re compliant – all while adhering to your company’s procurement policies – is a tough ask. We help you make these challenges more manageable – via a system designed around your day-to-day processes and activities.



One platform to help you focus

Via a single platform, your procurement, sustainability and risk teams can quickly see a supplier’s pre-qualification status, and view critical documents and information relating to their standards and capabilities.


We know the right questions to ask your supply base – based on 30 years of experience. Collecting data from trusted third-party sources and direct from the supplier helps to speed up supplier onboarding without compromising on data quality.


We validate information through our support teams across the world, adhering to all the sector and legislative rules. Making sure the data in results in great insights out.


Our scoring tools, when combined with our pre-qualification solutions, makes supply chain management easy. You can assess and score suppliers against industry benchmarks or key internal criteria and share different information with colleagues in your company.


of companies plan to spend up to 10% of their procurement budget on sustainability initiatives​.

Achilles Sustainability Trends Report, 2021


Assurance in one

Through Achilles Assure, not only can you be confident your supply chain meets your sustainability goals, it helps you identify and mitigate risk in three ways:

Sourcing and Selection
Supplier Compliance
Whole Supply Chain Visibility

We connect the best to the best. Through rigorous, industry-specific pre-qualification processes, as a buyer, you’ll know a supplier meets you own high standards – and your supplier doesn’t have to keep proving their credentials. This allows both sides to concentrate on what matters – like meeting sustainability goals and growing business.

Our business intelligence is built around collecting data that’s relevant to your sector, the region you work in and critical details like local legislation. This helps you mitigate risk by giving you a complete and up-to-date picture of a supplier’s operations, their exposure to risk and what that means for buyers.

But we don’t just use our resources for monitoring. We actively help suppliers identify opportunities to improve their operations – leading to longer lasting, more profitable relationships.

We connect hundreds of data points together to help you mitigate risk deep down in the lowest tiers of your supply chain. By understanding and identifying risk at this level, you can build more resilience into the chain and react swiftly to changes.


Insight beats hindsight

Valuable insights and business intelligence are the building blocks of supply chain resilience and efficiency. We can give you a unique view across your supply chain, and importantly, where the risks lie within it.

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