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Reputation, prosecution, financial loss and the risk to the lives of your employees means ethical behaviour in business is a given

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Global organisations are expected to always act safely and responsibly. Those that don’t have full visibility over their operations risk finding themselves on the wrong side of customers, regulators and the public.

We help companies make sure their suppliers are complying with international law and best practice, and that all workers on their projects are protected.

The data we provide companies limits the chance of supply chain disruption, reputational damage and serious workplace accident or injury. We are global experts with multi-industry experience and insight, taking the pain out of embedding your values in your sourcing, purchasing and supply chain management.

An estimated

0 million

men, women and children were victims of modern slavery on any given day in 2016
Global Slavery Index


Raising standards in ethical business

Helping with ethical supply chain management

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Anti-bribery and corruption

Protect your operations and reputation from the negative effects of corruption.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Make sure that your working practices are always fair and demonstrating ethical business practices.

Modern slavery

Monitor everyone in your supply chain, to ensure they are treated fairly, including subcontractors. Read more about modern slavery.

Conflict minerals

Source more responsibly, and prevent Conflict Minerals from entering global markets by undertaking appropriate due diligence on your supply chain.

Ethical labour practices

Gathers insight on policies and processes to provide an additional level of rigour to your organisation’s Code of Conduct, CSR and modern slavery statements.

Local Content

Source suppliers from your local region. By supporting local business you are likely to lower transport costs and gain more control over your supply chain and stimulate the local economy.


How it works

From the procurement process through to your ongoing relationships, our portfolio is designed to boost performance and reduce risk – every step of the way.

Ethical Business Programme

We help companies make sure their principles are being met in every part of their operations. Our Ethical Business Programme supports your business’ social and regulatory compliance, providing a holistic view across labour practices along with guidance to help you analyse and prevent unethical business practices within your business and supply chain. We make sure suppliers are free from unsafe practices, human trafficking or modern slavery. Tailoring our services for different industries, we protect companies from the damage that conflict minerals, bribery and corruption or unethical standards can bring.

Read more about the Ethical Business Programme

Pre-qualification questionnaire

Part of our supplier pre-qualification process is collecting and verifying data relating to health and safety. This gives buyers a more complete and accurate view of the risk profiles of potential and current suppliers. We remove the uncertainty of working with new companies and help strengthen existing relationships.

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Watchlist Screening

Criminals don’t have to target you to hurt your business. If your supply chain includes nefarious organisations it can do huge damage to your reputation.

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Our fully-managed service helps you ensure your subcontracted people and equipment remain an asset rather than a liability. It is a fully managed service that allows you to manage the personnel, equipment and practices stipulated in their contracts.

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