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Achilles wins international climate action award

Achilles wins international climate action award

21 Dec 2021

Awarded by Toitu as part of the “Brighter Future” campaign.

Achilles, a global leader and partner of choice for delivering more sustainable supply chains, has won the international ‘Toitū Brighter Future Award for Climate Action’.

The Toitū Brighter Future Awards exist to acknowledge Toitū certified businesses that are leading the way in environmental sustainability through demonstrable impact and have been scientifically proven to be making a positive difference to the world around them.

Toitū have selected Achilles Information Ltd as the winner of the Climate Action award as a carbonreduce certified organisation and have achieved a 57% reduction in carbon emissions since 2012.

According to a recent sustainability survey undertaken by Achilles, 51% of companies who responded say they don’t currently measure their carbon emissions despite the environment being the top ESG driver for investment decisions. Through winning this award, Achilles are leading the way for customers to follow, and take sustainability to the next level – not just pay lip service to climate action.

Achilles Chief Executive, Jay Katzen commented “Sustainability and ESG are at the heart of all we do, both in terms of what we enable our customers to manage but also what we do as a company.  This award demonstrates that we are walking the walk on sustainability and carbon reduction, as well as guiding the way for our customers.  We know ESG is a critical business goal, this external validation of our efforts represents our commitment to this no fail goal.”

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