Your guide to creating safer, ethical more efficient supply chains.

To manage supplier data, compliance and risk whilst adhering to your company’s procurement policies you need a system designed around your day-to-day processes and activities.

As a buyer, you have to manage data, supply chain compliance and risk across national and global supply chains.

At the same time, you strive to reduce cost and ensure consistent procurement processes. Working with the right partners, processes and software can be the key to success. Create a pool of validated suppliers, contractors and vendors who meet your pre-qualification requirements and supply chain regulation with a range of tools that let you add your own contract-specific qualification data.

  • Ask the right questions
  • Collect answers in the right way
  • Turn answers into actionable insights
  • Search, track and score suppliers
  • Integrate insights with existing systems
  • Enrich decision making

Download our guide for advice on:

  • Changes in the world of procurement to be aware of
  • Solving the challenge with the right tools
  • Reducing risk and improving safety
  • Building a sustainable and ethical supply chain
  • Getting started

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