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Introducing the Achilles 3-in-1 Audit


Introducing the Achilles 3-in-1 Audit

We’ve simplified supplier audit requirements across Construction, Rail and Utilities with a new comprehensive Infrastructure Audit. The new Achilles Infrastructure Audit makes it possible for businesses in the UK that want to work in the Construction, Rail and Utilities sectors to significantly reduce their audit burden, and reach more prospective buyers more easily.

Until now, businesses wishing to supply products and services to the three primary infrastructure-related sectors have had to undertake three separate audits – the construction industry’s Common Assessment Standard Audit, the rail industry’s Rail Audit and the utilities sector’s UVDB Verify Audit, which has been both time-consuming and, because of the significant overlap between the Audit requirements, very inefficient. The new single Achilles Infrastructure Audit not only enables businesses to save considerable time, but also enables them to achieve Achilles multi-industry approval in one go and create considerable new opportunities for business growth.

Rhodar, a leading company in asbestos removal, demolition, and remediation services, have been one of the first to undertake the new 3-in-1 Achilles Infrastructure Audit. Jason Ellis, Rhodar’s Southern Regional Director said “We are delighted to have been able to work with Achilles on the Infrastructure Audit pilot. We work across rail, construction and utilities in the UK and this new approach will save us significant time and effort whilst enabling us to continue to demonstrate the high standards we aspire to across multiple industries”.

The Achilles Infrastructure Audit will offer immediate benefit to the thousands of suppliers that are already part of the Achilles supply chain network. Other supply-side businesses wishing to reduce their audit costs and increase access to more construction, rail, and utilities buyers should sign up to the MyAchilles platform online here.

Alternatively, use this tool to find out if the Achilles 3-in-1 audit can improve your supplier accreditation process.

We are excited to introduce the Achilles Infrastructure Audit and look forward to client feedback.

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