Handling supply chain disruption – is agile procurement the key?

Article by Achilles

Whitepaper written by Jason Kaplan, Director and Commodity Analyst, Commodity Analysis and Insight Ltd

Date: 12 November 2020 | Time to read: 15 mins

Handling supply chain disruption has become increasingly important in recent times. But what is the solution? Is this the end of offshoring, as more businesses adopt nearshoring sourcing principles? Is the anti-globalisation of supply chains inevitable? How should businesses be preparing for the next supply chain disruption? There is no magic wand to make these issues disappear, but one thing we can be sure of is the need to adopt agile procurement practices in order to build resilient supply chains.

In our whitepaper we have the expert insight of Jason Kaplan, Director and Commodity Analyst, Commodity Analysis and Insight Ltd, reviewing what we can learn from past and current supply chain disruptions, how key industries such as Manufacturing, Construction and Logistics are adapting to the new normal and advice on building resilience into your supply chain by adopting agile procurement methods.

Download our whitepaper to read his comments on how to handle supply chain disruption.

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