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The Complete Guide to Supply Chain Due Diligence in the Energy Sector

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The Complete Guide to Supply Chain Due Diligence in the Energy Sector

Leading the Way: What good looks like and how to do it with real world examples

Implementing rigorous Supply Chain Due Diligence isn’t just about compliance — it’s about leading the charge in the energy sector and earning a reputation that sets you apart. The integrity of your supply chain is the bedrock of your reputation. It’s not just about avoiding risks — it’s about embodying excellence and setting benchmarks for the industry. The Complete Guide to Supply Chain Due Diligence in the Energy Sector, provides a detailed analysis and actionable strategies for energy companies facing the challenges of complex supply chain management under stringent and ever changing requirements. It can be used as a blueprint for businesses intent on being at the forefront of ethical supply chain management. In this fast-evolving sector, managing a complex and demanding supply chains due diligence (SCDD) is more than a regulatory requirement; it’s a strategic necessity.

These complexities not only impact operational efficiency but also bear upon sustainability, cost, and risk management. Amidst this complexity, the worry of ‘greenwashing’ looms, threatening the credibility and reputation of companies.  

The key topics covered in the white paper include:

  • Introduction to Due Diligence: We discuss the escalating demands for transparency and ethical practices within the energy sector, emphasising the risks associated with non-compliance. The strategic benefits of a thorough due diligence process are looked at helping you to determine when enough is enough.
  • Global Regulatory Landscape: A comprehensive overview of international and regional regulations impacting the energy sector, including acts and directives from multiple jurisdictions and their implications for supply chain management.
  • Unique Sector Challenges: An examination of the specific issues energy companies face, from managing the environmental impact of raw materials to addressing human rights concerns across diverse geographies.
  • Strategic Due Diligence Implementation: Insight into integrating due diligence into corporate policies and procedures, performing risk assessments, and ensuring continuous monitoring and improvement.
  • Risk Management and Transparency: The importance of transparent reporting and the establishment of robust grievance mechanisms to maintain accountability and protect brand reputation and manage risk.
  • Operational and Financial Benefits: Analysis of how due diligence can lead to cost savings, improved bottom lines, and long-term business sustainability by building more resilient supply chains.
  • Practical Steps for Compliance: A guide to developing and implementing a due diligence policy, assessing supply chain risks, and engaging with stakeholders to ensure ongoing improvement.
  • Real-World Examples: Case studies, including the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, illustrate the consequences of inadequate due diligence and the importance of proactive risk management.

Don’t just be part of the Industry; lead by example through your Energy Supply Chain!

Global Energy

Align your supply chain management practices with the highest standards of due diligence. By addressing due diligence from both compliance and strategic perspectives, we provide a framework for companies to not only meet regulatory demands but also to gain competitive advantages and foster long-term sustainability.

This commitment can transform your market position, attracting investors, enhancing customer loyalty, and fostering a corporate identity built on principled actions.

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Supply Chain Due Diligence Global Energy whitepaper

Supply Chain Due Diligence Global Energy whitepaper


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