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Advanced Carbon Management Planning eBook

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Advanced Carbon Management Planning eBook

Advanced Carbon Management Planning: Drivers and enablers to advance your Net Zero journey

Access to energy from fossil fuels has accelerated human progress at a pace unimaginable in previous centuries. But it has brought with it an existential threat in the form of climate change. The urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to limit global temperature rises has led governments to set increasingly ambitious targets for the transition to a zero-carbon economy by the middle of the century, expediting the need for a solid carbon management plan.

The coronavirus pandemic has done nothing to reduce the pressure on governments and business to face up to the threat posed by man-made climate change, if anything the immediate hazard posed by the coronavirus has drawn attention to the fragility of our species and refocused public attention on the need to deal with the longer term one of global warming.


As a major source of GHG emissions, businesses are under increasing scrutiny and subject to ever-stricter regulatory requirements to measure and report on its energy use and its plans to decarbonise.


Investors, employees and wider society expect companies to act as corporate citizens and play their part in finding solutions as focus shifts to the triple bottom line, adding care for people and the planet to profitability as the measures on which a business is judged.

Net Zero

Companies must turn the same ingenuity they use to deliver compelling products and services to applying carbon management to their own operations and those of the supply chains they rely on to ensure they continue to thrive in a zero-carbon world.

Download our Advanced Carbon Management eBook to learn more about drivers and enablers to advance your Net Zero journey including:

  • SECR
  • ESOS
  • COP26
  • Government contracts
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Managing and auditing carbon emissions
  • Carbon offsetting and achieving Net Zero
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