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Achilles Experiences: Jasmine project recognises supplier excellence.

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Achilles Experiences: Jasmine project recognises supplier excellence.

To encourage and recognise supplier excellence, Jasmine’s project team is making effective use of the industry-standard supplier performance measurement tool, provided by Achilles FPAL’s Performance Feedback.

Neil Meldrum, Project Manager for ConocoPhillips’ Jasmine project formerly served on the Achilles FPAL Steering Committee and so he was familiar with Achilles FPAL’s Performance Feedback. He decided that Performance Feedback scores would be an ideal way of identifying the project’s high performing suppliers. The Jasmine Supplier of the Year Awards programme was therefore launched at a supplier event in early 2011. It was announced that Performance Feedback scores for HSE, Product & Service Quality, Planning & Delivery, Documentation and Customer Interface would be used to identify the winners of the Awards. Neil Meldrum said, “As a signatory to the Supply Chain Code of Practice, ConocoPhillips and the Jasmine Project use Achilles FPAL, which is a tried and trusted process widely recognised in our industry for providing performance feedback. Achilles FPAL management also provide support in its implementation.”

Achilles FPAL management welcomed this innovative use of Performance Feedback and was pleased to provide a series of training sessions for ConcocoPhillips personnel in Aberdeen, London and also via WebEx conferencing with overseas offices and construction sites. Achilles FPAL’s Malcolm Wilson commented, “ConocoPhillips has demonstrated some really good industry best practice in its use of Performance Feedback. We sometimes find that Project Teams do not make such effective use of Achilles FPAL when compared to operations teams but here we have a project team that has made great use of Achilles FPAL. I am sure that other project teams could follow this good example set by ConocoPhillips. We were pleased to provide the support that the Project Manager requested and furthermore this support, in terms of advice or training, is something that we are enthusiastic to provide to other Achilles FPAL Buyers.” The first winners of the Jasmine Supplier of the Year Awards were announced in February 2012 at an event attended by seventy people.

“We are only as strong as our weakest link; without a strong supply chain, the project simply wouldn’t happen”.
Neil Meldrum, Project Manager, ConocoPhillips’ Jasmine project.

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