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Achilles Experiences: Achilles FPAL the direct route to business in the Oil and Gas Sector

Odfjell Drilling (UK) Ltd is a leading drilling contractor with 38 years experience on fixed and floating production platforms. Today, Odfjell Drilling (UK) Ltd currently has contracts for 23 fixed and mobile units in the North Sea. Odfjell are registered as both a buyer and supplier in the Achilles FPAL community.

How does Odfjell Drilling use Achilles FPAL?

As a buyer, Odfjell Drilling UK use Achilles FPAL as an integral part of their screening process when reviewing suppliers to be included in an invitation to tender (ITT). Gordon Noble, Procurement Logistics Manager at Odjfell Drilling (UK) Ltd explains, ‘Firstly, we use Achilles FPAL’s extensive search facility to source suppliers during the vendor selection process. Having developed a shortlist of suppliers, we use Achilles FPAL as an effective checking mechanism for information. We find Achilles FPAL is an effective screening tool to compare and identify supplier capabilities when building our approved vendor list.’

In addition to vendor selection, Odjfell Drilling UK also use Achilles FPAL to measure their performance. Our key competitors are also registered and we monitor their progress, in line with our own, through the Achilles FPAL benchmarking system.

What are the benefits of using Achilles FPAL for Odfjell Drilling UK?

• Achilles FPAL provides an extensive description of a suppliers’ capabilities which is visible as part of their basic registration
• The information is available online 24/7 which allows the Odfjell office in Aberdeen to share information with the Odfjell Drilling Headquarters in Norway
• As a supplier, Odfjell’s own company profile is also visible to all Achilles FPAL buyers which increases the likelihood of being contacted about contract opportunities.

Achilles FPAL Verify

As a buyer Odfjell Drilling UK value the information recorded about suppliers that have undertaken the Achilles FPAL Verify audit. They feel assured that the information supplied from the Achilles Verify audit is accurate and checked by Achilles FPAL’s independent assessment team. For that reason, they encourage their key suppliers, particularly those involved in high risk operations, to undertake an Achilles FPAL Verify audit.

Achilles FPAL Performance Feedback

Gordon Noble comments on the advantages of Achilles FPAL’s recorded Performance Feedback, ‘Our Engineering division are constantly involved in completing feedback forms which gives an accurate report of how the supplier performed to set KPI’s during a project. This provides an opportunity for face-to-face meetings with the supplier to discuss the contract and project deliverables. Our Norway office is also very stringent about completing Performance Feedback. Recognising the benefits of this tool, we are also actively encouraging our staff in the UK office to get more involved in this process.’

“We found that Achilles FPAL was an effective screening tool to complement the system we already have. It has saved us time and resource during the selection process for developing approved vendor lists. For that reason, we do encourage our key suppliers to become Achilles FPAL registered”.
Gordon Noble, Procurement / Logistics Manager, Odjfell Drilling (UK) Ltd

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