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Global Energy Audit and Reporting

Reduces the risk associated with CAE with Controlar

Achilles Controlar is the simplest, safest and most effective way to manage your contractors’ documentation, ensure compliance with health, safety and other labor regulations and avoid potential accidents, fines and penalties.

Our customers

Leading companies choose Platform-Cae-Control


The safe way to hire

Achilles helps companies in all industries reduce the risks of outsourcing by connecting companies with their contractors on a single, intuitive, agile and user-friendly platform.


We know that time is money. We validate your contractors’ documentation in less than 24 hours.


We are aware that there are situations that get out of control. We validate in real time if required by the client.


Our PRL technicians assist your companies throughout the process to ensure quick access to your facilities.

+ 200,000 workers registered and with all documentation uploaded and updated.


The CAE solution you need

In Achilles we have been helping our clients for more than 15 years in the control of their contractors through our tool of Coordination of Business Activities Achilles Controlar. We currently manage more than 30,000 contracts in Southern Europe alone and more than 3,000 in Latin America, reducing risk at our customers’ facilities and avoiding potential penalties.


We define the characteristics of your CAE platform according to the needs of your company and your team.

We create the platform that we have jointly agreed upon for you.

We train your contractors to make their access to your facilities a quick and easy task.

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