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Discover where our business started out, where we're heading and what makes us different.

Our story

Where it all began

Our business is built on the idea that, in an ever-more-connected world, we’re not just responsible for what we do – we’re also accountable for what’s done on our behalf. And where there’s accountability, there’s a need for control…

When we started out in 1990 operating in the gas and oil industry, we saw that control was something buyers needed more of. So we designed our community model, our supporting services and the technology that powers them to address this need. We wanted to drive a new kind of procurement with less risk, less cost and less compliance issues. At the same time, wanted to bring suppliers into the fold – to help them meet buyers’ needs while reducing their own qualification burdens.

Today, with all kinds of stakeholders holding businesses to ever-higher standards, it’s even more important for businesses to have a complete picture of their supply chains – not just in terms of their business performance, but their ethical and environmental standards too. Against this backdrop, our drive to develop and refine our offering has only increased.

Now we’re working from offices all over the globe, serving a network of over 550 buyers and 100,000 suppliers in all kinds of industries. As such, we’re proud to be part of a truly worldwide community dedicated to raising standards and doing business in ways that benefit everyone.

We believe insight really does beat hindsight. We work in partnership with our customers to improve business performance and sustainability by raising standards across their business and supply chain.

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Our Values

How we make a difference

Threaded through everything we do, both for customers and staff, our values define and guide the way we do business.  Intrinsically linked, these three values create a structure through which we can deliver expertise and value to everyone we work with.




The world works better when people work together. Our business is built on openness and strategic partnerships. We strive to be clear, honest and realistic. We collaborate with buyers and suppliers to develop supply chain practices and protocols that provide opportunities for everyone involved.



We are not a research agency simply reiterating data. We believe real progress comes from using data as an intelligent springboard to create opportunity and solve business problems in new, creative and surprising ways.



We operate internationally, with almost 30 years of experience behind us. We take the time to understand how businesses and cultural sensitivities differ around the world. We relish the challenges and increasing complexity of international business and are always seeking innovative ways to adapt and improve the service we deliver to our clients.


We understand the value of external certification


We want to continue to partner with companies within the wider supply chain ecosystem that we believe can bring added value to our customers.

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