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Achilles Information Ltd Vs Network Rail Competition Tribunal outcome

Achilles Information Ltd Vs Network Rail Competition Tribunal outcome

19 Jul 2019

Judgement rules in favour of Achilles Information Ltd in regard to the issue of provision of supplier assurance services

In the matter of Achilles Information Limited (“Achilles”) vs Network Rail Infrastructure Limited (“Network Rail”) case number 1298/5/7/18, we are delighted that the Competition Appeal Tribunal has found in Achilles’ favour.

Gavin Partridge, General Counsel for Achilles commented:

“We felt from the outset that we had a strong and legitimate case to bring to the Competition Appeal Tribunal, not just on behalf of Achilles, but also for the wider supplier assurance industry.

“Achilles has 30 years’ experience in offering supplier assurance across complex, regulated and safety critical industries. We believe that giving customers the potential to choose from different supplier assurance schemes can bring benefits similar to those we see in other sectors.  The dynamics of a competitive market will encourage higher standards, innovation within the supply chain, and ultimately, customer choice.

“Achilles has a very longstanding relationship with the rail industry, and we look forward to working with old and new partners in this sector.”

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About Achilles

  • Achilles Information is the global leader and partner of choice for supply chain risk and performance management.
  • Through supplier pre-qualification programmes, industry audits and risk management, Achilles has been a pivotal link between buyers and suppliers for nearly 30 years, providing the data and perspective to give customers unparalleled levels of insight into the businesses they work with.
  • Working in partnership with customers, Achilles supports supply chains that perform flawlessly and meet critical humanitarian and environmental standards.
  • Achilles has offices across the world, with a network of over 800 buyers and 500,000 suppliers across industrial, infrastructure and natural resources sector
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