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Achilles partners with Orpheus to offer supply chain cyber risk management and intelligence

Achilles partners with Orpheus to offer supply chain cyber risk management and intelligence

12 May 2021

Achilles Information, global leader and partner of choice for supply chain risk and performance management, is to partner with Orpheus, UK Government accredited cyber threat intelligence company.

Highlights of the pilot scheme include:

  • In partnership with Orpheus, Achilles will provide cyber risk ratings on suppliers and share these ratings with buyer and supplier members of Achilles networks
  • Suppliers can reduce their cyber risk by subscribing to Orpheus’ monthly cyber risk rating reports and actioning the highlighted attack surface issues on their network, and Achilles customers will receive preferential rates on subscriptions.
  • Buyers will also have the option to get a tailored supply chain cyber risk assessment report on their chosen supply chain, giving them deep insights into the specific threats and risks they could be exposed to.

Cyber risk is increasing significantly, with adversaries looking to exploit poor third party cyber security as a means of attacking more protected targets.  In addition, as organisations continue to have employees working remotely, the number of points of weakness through which a cyber-attack could be launched, increases.

Katie Tamblin, Chief Product Officer at Achilles, commented:

“Recent examples of sophisticated cyber-attacks demonstrate that the cyber security of even the biggest buyer is only as strong as their weakest supplier in their supply chain. We know that this is a complex, constantly changing landscape that our customers need real-time, accurate and robust advice on, and so we’ve partnered with Orpheus, the only provider of cyber risk ratings with UK Government accreditation.

“We know that ongoing monitoring is critical to effective cyber security.  These cyber risk ratings provided on the Achilles’ platform will enable our customers to be confident they are making decisions based on best, market leading intelligence.  I’m looking forward to working with the team at Orpheus and seeing the considerable value they can bring to customers.”

Oliver Church, CEO Orpheus, commented;

“Cyber risk ratings are becoming an integral way for companies to manage the risk associated with third-parties. Our partnership with Achilles provides their customers with increased oversight of the cyber risk they face from their supply chain. Our cyber risk ratings focus on the vulnerability and the threat level companies face, backed up with award-winning machine learning. We are excited to partner with Achilles and their customers, to help make them more secure.”

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About Achilles

  • Achilles Information is the global leader and partner of choice for supply chain risk and performance management.
  • Through supplier pre-qualification programmes, industry audits and risk management, Achilles has been a pivotal link between buyers and suppliers for nearly 30 years, providing the data and perspective to give customers unparalleled levels of insight into the businesses they work with.
  • Working in partnership with customers, Achilles supports supply chains that perform flawlessly and meet critical humanitarian and environmental standards.
  • Achilles has offices across the world, with a network of buyers and suppliers across industrial, infrastructure and natural resources sector.

About Orpheus Cyber

  • Orpheus Cyber provides cyber risk ratings and threat intelligence services and is accredited by the FCA and Bank of England.
  • Our powerful and award-winning technologies collect huge volumes of cyber risk data which we analyse using machine learning and our highly skilled team which enables companies to stop cyber risks before they happen.
  • Orpheus is accredited to the highest level to provide threat intelligence for Critical National Infrastructure organisations in the UK.
  • Orpheus is trusted by major organisations worldwide to help them understand the cyber threats they face.
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