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Achilles joins SSIP to improve health and safety in construction

Achilles joins SSIP to improve health and safety in construction

27 Mar 2018

Achilles and SSIP share a dedication to promoting health and safety for construction workers, as well as reducing unnecessary cost and confusion in supply chain assurance. Alongside PAS91, the SSIP accreditation puts Achilles’ supply chain solutions at the forefront of standards in the UK construction industry.

To meet SSIP standards, approved suppliers must demonstrate their capability to manage health and safety for the activities they carry out. The addition of the SSIP accreditation to Achilles’ BuildingConfidence community strengthens the focus on health and safety, giving certainty to buyers while simplifying the supply chain compliance process. SSIP questions will be added to all levels of the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ), so suppliers no longer need to sign up to multiple assurance platforms, saving time and cost. BuildingConfidence suppliers can upload their existing SSIP ‘deem to satisfy’ certificate for free or add SSIP to their PQQ for a fee of £75.

Meanwhile, buyers can be assured that all suppliers in Achilles’ BuildingConfidence community have demonstrated SSiP compliance. Dedicated Achilles teams, located across seven geographic hubs, check and validate the information provided by suppliers while qualified assessors visit supplier sites and record the level of compliance.

Jay Katzen, CEO, Achilles Information commented; “SSiP and Achilles share a mission to reduce cost and complexity in supply chain compliance. With the addition of SSiP to our BuildingConfidence community, we are proud to offer the UK construction market an end-to-end service that strives to improve compliance with health and safety along with other supply chain issues.”

Eleanor Eaton, Chair of SSiP added “we are delighted to welcome Achilles as a member of the SSiP family. Achilles shares our vision and that of all our members – to help businesses achieve more by reducing duplication in health and safety pre-qualification. We look forward to making this happen for even more buyers and suppliers in the months to come.”

Achilles’ BuildingConfidence community launched in 2007. Within four years of launching, there was a 90% improvement in the compliance levels of registered suppliers, including a 75% reduction in the number of major environmental non-compliances.

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