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Supply Chain Resilience Index Q2 2023

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Supply Chain Resilience Index Q2 2023

The Achilles Supply Chain Resilience Index (ASCRI) is a time series index measuring changes in supply chain risk. The index measures underlying supply chain risk by country across six categories: Economic, Environmental, Labour Practices, Legal and Governance, Resilience, and Safety and Security.

ASCRI Report: Q2 2023

The Achilles Supply Chain Resilience Index (ASCRI) for Q2 2023 offers an in-depth view of the supply chain landscape, reflecting a period of cautious progress amid global economic shifts. This edition captures the subtle movements in resilience scores and provides a detailed analysis of the factors influencing supply chain stability and economic performance.

Report Highlights:

  • Index Movements: The headline figure has softened from 60.9 in Q1 to 58.6 in Q2. This indicates a slow recovery with potential for further revisions due to fresh trade restrictions and global events.
  • Price Volatility and Country Risk: Review updated indices of price volatility for key supply chain inputs and a comprehensive assessment of country risk factors affecting supply chains.
  • Supplier Performance Data: Insights from Achilles-registered suppliers’ performance across Environmental, Social, Governance, Health & Safety, and Financial factors.
  • Global Trade Analysis: We highlight the step-down in the Chinese economy, with a dip into deflation in July, followed by marginal growth in August.
  • Central Banks’ Balancing Act: Central banks’ strategies to tackle inflation without pushing economies into recession are examined, including the European Central Bank’s rate adjustments.

Download the Full Report to get:

  • Strategic Depth: The report goes beyond the surface to offer a nuanced understanding of supply chain resilience, essential for strategic planning.
  • Data-Rich Analysis: Comprehensive data sets and projections provide a solid foundation for supply chain decision-making.
  • Expert Commentary: The ASCRI combines Achilles’ proprietary data with external economic indicators, offering a unique perspective on supply chain resilience.

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