Financial Risk Management In Supply Chains

The success of your business relies on the financial viability and stability of your suppliers. Its essential to have a full view of the financial risk of suppliers in your supply chain.

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Take the guesswork out of financial risk

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We give buyers the oversight they need to spot potential issues, come up with contingency plans and ensure they never suffer any costly disruption.

Effective financial risk management is impossible without clear supply chain visibility. The data we collect and verify gives you the full picture.

We gather financial data from your suppliers and make it easy for you to control from a single place. Our expert team verifies it for you, simplifying your financial risk management and helping you build stronger, more effective supply chains.


businesses have fallen victim to fake invoice fraud in the UK
Action Fraud - 2018


Raising standards in financial risk

We help you get a better picture on financial risk and business continuity in your supply chain

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Financial reporting

Presenting all relevant financial data in a structured and useful way.

Workforce management

Assess and manage the financial risk that your employees and subcontractors pose.

Supply chain resilience

Strengthen the ability of your supply chain to respond to disruption and to ensure continuity of supply.

Disaster recovery

Put in place policies, tools and systems that enable business continuity following large-scale data theft or loss.

Defect management

Effectively track logged defects and put in place procedures that remedy them.


How it works

From sourcing and selecting through to your ongoing relationships, our services are designed to reduce third party risk and improve compliance - every step of the way.

Pre-qualification Questionnaire

Part of our supplier pre-qualification process is collecting and verifying data relating to financial risk. This gives buyers a more complete and accurate view of the risk profiles of potential and current suppliers. We remove the uncertainty of working with new companies and help strengthen existing relationships.

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Third party data feeds

Through third party integrations, we are able to use supplier Companies House registration numbers to automatically populate and verify our questionnaires. Not only is this much quicker, it also ensures you get the most accurate and up to date financial data from Companies House. We make sure there is never any ambiguity about the data you rely on.

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Risk Monitoring

Whether your focus is compliance with legislation or corporate policies, the need to consolidate supplier data after a period of acquisitions or a requirement to improve the performance of your purchasing systems through an accurate data feed, we have a range of solutions to help.

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Watchlist Screening

Don’t let criminal organisations rob you of your hard-earned reputation. Our screening service is designed to help you make thoroughly informed decisions about who you do business with.

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Are your suppliers as prepared as you'd like them to be? Our audits are an essential tool to help you and your suppliers understand where you might be exposed to risks.

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