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The ultimate guide to being the perfect supplier

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The ultimate guide to being the perfect supplier

Our ultimate guide to being the perfect supplier provides companies with the tools and knowledge to demonstrate their capabilities so that you win more business.

There was a time when leading corporations had the luxury of choosing their suppliers on the simple criteria of price and quality. While those factors remain important, they are now flanked by other concerns. The coronavirus pandemic focused attention on the criticality of supplier resilience, after some supply chains snapped under the stress of Covid hygiene precautions and staff shortages.

Not all supplier pre-qualifiers are created equal. Some simply scrape company websites and business directories, giving buyers a superficial view of a potential supplier’s probity and compatibility.

Our single pre-qualification questionnaire with industry-tailored questions captures a complete view of your attributes freeing you up to focus on what you do best, delivering excellent goods and services to your customers. That’s why we are trusted by thousands of suppliers to promote them to buyers and support them in making successful tenders.

Download our ultimate guide to being the perfect supplier to learn:

  • What buyers look for when searching for and selecting suppliers
  • How to be the perfect supplier and win more business
  • Putting yourself in the buyers’ shoes
  • How to be more competitive with Supplier Benchmarking Reports
  • Getting started – value from day one

Become more competitive and gain full cross-sector exposure by joining Achilles Network. Market your company in a free and simple marketplace regardless of your company size or the location you operate in. At Achilles, we ensure that our buying organisations see you in the best possible light.

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