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Achilles Network provides straightforward supply chain pre-qualification across all industries for suppliers of all sizes. With one simple questionnaire you can pre-qualify to work with new buyers regardless the industry or location they operate in. It is the answer for suppliers who are looking to increase their presence in a highly competitive procurement market and gain full visibility across a wide variety of industries.

Joining Achilles Network starts from free with the Member level and as more assurance and compliance is required by buyers, you can choose to upgrade your level.


Rewards just for you

As a valued supplier and member of this community, we’re offering exclusive access to discounts, offers and benefits with a range of partners. Learn more about how you can save up to 5x the average cost of a subscription by using a couple of the discounts on offer.


Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer Goods, Industrial Manufacturing, Mining and Cement, Global Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Public sector, Retail, Services, Telecommunication, Transport, Utilities


All Regions

Community Features

A simpler way to give buyers what they’re looking for – starting with information

Tender alerts

Supplier NOTiCE informs you about tenders specific to the products and services you offer. Search for relevant tenders in OJEU and FTS or set up alerts direct to your inbox.

Document Management

Maintain and manage business-critical supporting documentation such as certificates and policies maintained and managed in one central secure location with Silver level.

RFI Responses

RFI responses

Respond directly to an RFI from a potential customer by providing additional details using the Request Information feature.

“The main benefit for us since joining has been the steady flow of opportunities. I feel it has helped us increase our presence in the space significantly.”

Richard Williams, PTG

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Choose the subscription package that suits you

We don't believe in one size fits all - Achilles Network starts from free with a fast-track questionnaire on key company information and the products and services that you offer.

Member Level

- Full cross sector visibility
- New business opportunities
- Fast track questionnaire on key company information and the products and services that you offer


Silver Level

- Broad assurance questionnaire covering all key risk and compliance areas
- Covers financial, health and safety, and ESG questions

Silver+ Level

- Silver Level
- More detailed assurance across Sustainability and ESG

Gold Level

Silver+ plus an audit

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