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White Paper: An introduction to Supply Chain Due Diligence Best Practice

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White Paper: An introduction to Supply Chain Due Diligence Best Practice

Companies must now demonstrate a clear understanding of the impact they are having on people and the planet through Supply Chain Due Diligence. This is across the entire end-to-end process, from the finished product to the metals, minerals and other raw materials that are required to make them.

Increasingly, legislation requires companies to implement effective processes to prevent and mitigate negative human rights, environmental and climate impacts. Effective Supply Chain Due Diligence offers legislative, financial, efficiency and brand reputation benefits.

Why do we need Supply Chain Due Diligence?

Supply Chain Due Diligence is an approach that is aligned with moves globally. It aims to introduce supply chain related legislation to help create a more responsible global economy. As more and more countries consider harmonising their own ESG legislation, it is likely that supply chain transparency and accountability will become increasingly important in the global marketplace. Embarking on a journey of improved due diligence now will likely reduce future disruption. This is because other nations or industries will gradually adopt increased levels of due diligence on the supply chain.

Supply Chain Due Diligence whitepaper

Achilles’ ESG and sustainability supply chain risk experts have created this whitepaper. It provides practical, helpful guidance on how to implement effective Supply Chain Due Diligence. Throughout the whitepaper you are provided with advice on how to meet the plethora of supply chain legislation now emerging across the world. It will also support your own social justice, human rights and sustainability goals – efficiently, effectively and with maximum confidence.

What it Covers:

This Whitepaper highlights the increasing importance of supply chain due diligence and includes:

  • Obligations of organisations
  • Why it is important
  • The challenges organisations often face in their supply chain due diligence activities
  • Practical advice
  • Step by step guidance for implementing robust supply chain due diligence processes

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