Achilles introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate and simplify supplier data capture and validation | Achilles
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Achilles introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate and simplify supplier data capture and validation

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Achilles introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate and simplify supplier data capture and validation

Setting a new standard for the use of AI in supply chain risk management, Achilles Intelligence is enhancing Achilles’ rigorous multi-layered supply chain validation processes and helping to take supply chain reporting confidence to the next level.

ABINGDON, UK, 2 July 2024

The ESG supply chain due diligence company, Achilles, has introduced artificial intelligence to accelerate and simplify supplier data capture and validation. The new “Achilles Intelligence” system combines Achilles’ supply chain risk assurance expertise with the latest in AI-enabled document processing technology to accelerate supplier data capture, enhance supply chain data validation and enable businesses to more effectively meet today’s increasingly extensive supply chain risk management demands.

Achilles provides supply chain sustainability and carbon reduction solutions to the world’s most environmentally conscious and ethical organisations. To ensure global supply chain data transparency and reporting confidence, Achilles goes direct to source, working closely with individual suppliers in their local language to establish environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials using a combination of in-depth supplier risk assessments, onsite supplier audits and confidential worker interviews.

The Achilles Intelligence system has been designed to enhance Achilles’ meticulous supply chain risk management process. The first innovation focus areas for the new system are supplier document validation and automated population of required document data enabling Achilles to capture supplier information more efficiently whilst providing the supplier with a real-time view of validation success.

This new process has notably shortened the time it takes for a supplier to complete the Achilles process. Once data has been validated and captured, it is passed to the Achilles team of expert data analysts for further cross-verification using Achilles own extensive knowledge and insight as well as additional third-party sources and in-depth risk assessment using Achilles machine learning algorithms, supplier auditing and supplier improvement programmes.

“The introduction of Achilles Intelligence will enable us to speed up the data validation process for suppliers and provide real-time feedback. As we progress to incorporate the large number of document types Achilles captures throughout the globe, our customers will see a transformation in real-time interaction and speed of overall data validation, ultimately shortening the cycle time to becoming reachable to buying organisations searching for suppliers on the Achilles platform”, explains Tim Bridgland, CTO at Achilles.

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About Achilles

For more than 30 years, Achilles has protected organisations’ business interests and reputations by providing unrivalled levels of supply chain transparency, carbon reduction and management. Achilles is the ESG and carbon management partner of choice for the world’s leading global brands.

Achilles specialises in supporting customers that require truly robust environmental, social and governance reporting to fully comply with ESG regulation, meet investor requirements and achieve their own ambitious sustainability goals. It works with market-leading financial, industrial, commercial and governmental organisations requiring the serious, detailed analysis and expert insight necessary to deliver exceptional supplier selection and reporting confidence.

Operating from 17 locations worldwide, Achilles is at the forefront of the battle against climate change, a champion for social justice and human rights, and an expert in health, safety, and risk management.

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