Webinar: Crucial techniques to master transparency and assurance in supply chain management

12 - 12 Dec 2018 - Online

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Smart procurement functions are already able to see the value of having more and better data on supplier performance and compliance. Sustainable procurement strategies and regulatory pressures rest on being able to measure whether suppliers are meeting expectations and identifying risk and opportunities for improvement deeper in the supply chain. Even more, supplier data can help locate opportunities for efficiency and supplier-enabled innovation. The stakes are high, but the application of strategy, data and governance is a challenge that few functions can claim to have conquered.

This webinar will help you take action to upgrade your strategy for capturing and using qualified supplier data. By combining examples of corporate case study, expert analysis and research, the discussion will highlight opportunities for you to take the next step.


Your 3 key takeaways:

  • What are they key challenges for organisations looking at increasing supply chain assurance and how can they learn from those who have overcome them?
  • How are procurement teams gaining more and better data on their suppliers?
  • What role should big data play, and how can teams support that with process, skills and strategy?


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Steve Hall
Director of Content and Community
Procurement Leaders™


Kate Tamblin
Head of Product and Pricing


Jason Kaplan
Director and Commodity Analyst
Commodity Analysis and Insight