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Prevent unethical working practices with confidence

Achilles helps ensure your business complies with social and regulatory standards, providing insight into labour practices and guidance to prevent unethical practices in your organisation and supply chain.


Driving ethical working best practices

Achilles equips businesses with the tools to support your business’ social and regulatory compliance, providing a holistic view across labour practices and offering guidance to help you analyse and prevent unethical business practices within your supply chain and your own operations.


Assess how your standards are followed by suppliers and contractors.


Demonstrate your actions based on independently verified evidence.


Mitigate risks linked to labour malpractices and prevent reputational harm.

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Achilles helps Tesco reach new ethical employment standards

“We had not conducted such an assessment in Central Europe before, and while a focus on worker engagement was key, we didn’t want to be prescriptive on what the worker experience looked like. We knew Achilles was very thorough and very flexible in its audit approach and that this was something we really benefitted from in working together.”

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Level Up Your Ethical Working Standards

We equip your business with the tools to elevate your ethical standards and enhance your business performance by guiding you through the entire cycle, offering insights to track and measure improvement, assisting you in taking necessary actions, and mitigating the risk of unethical practices in both your operations and supply chain.



Develop a high-level understanding of your suppliers’ compliance with ethical business and human rights, focusing on regulatory requirements and recognised international standards.


Through the Ethical Site Survey, our qualified auditors will conduct anonymous face-to-face interviews on-site with a random sample of employees. This process enables you to gather insights, including information on wages, the right to work, temporary workers, provision of rest time, fair treatment of staff, and awareness of modern slavery.

The in-depth Ethical Employment Audit designed to identify areas of improvement through the assessment of employment processes and employment terms conditions will focus on all aspects of the workforce including your own employees, agency staff, subcontractors and other third parties.

To facilitate continuous improvement within the program, we offer discounted training services with partners such as Unseen UK and SCSS. These services provide you with the necessary tools to address issues and develop meaningful, long-term targets to help prevent future risks of unethical business practices in your supply chain.

Receive regular key insight reports across the entire program, including high-level statistics and strategic information, to benchmark progress and drive continuous improvement.

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