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Supplier information management community for the Nordic Utilities industry.

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  • 60 Buying organisations | 4,400 Suppliers

We qualify, evaluate & monitor suppliers on behalf of buyers.

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  • Manage supplier information and risk

    Sellihca is a supplier register and pre-qualification system used by the Nordic utilities to manage supplier information and risk within the supply chain as well as to procure efficiently in accordance with EU regulations. With over 4400 qualified suppliers delivering a wide selection of product and services, Sellihca provides a fair, open and transparent means of selecting suppliers. This facilitates and simplifies the tender process, offering new business opportunities for both buyers and suppliers.

    The Sellihca community was launched in 1998 and is developed continuously together with the Nordic utilities to cover the majority of their supplier management needs.

    The buyer members in the Sellihca community:

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  • How will Sellihca help you to manage your supplier information and risk?

    Sellihca provides your company a single source of validated, accurate and up-to-date supplier information, reducing costs, time and administrative workload. Through Sellihca, you will also get access to an industry wide network with well established standard of working practices. The community model used in Sellihca, where the buyer members share the supplier information collected and validated by Achilles, allows you to manage risk, source effectively and achieve efficiencies in the procurement process.

    • Know your suppliers

      You get access to important, validated and up-to-date supplier information including company information, contact details, CSR and HSE standards and products and services as well as information from Dun & Bradstreet and the local tax authorities. The information is standardised and presented in a consistent way which makes it easy for you to search, compeer and select suppliers for any type of purchase.
    • Save money and time

      Achilles collects, validates and maintains supplier information on the behalf of buyers. Accurate information readily available via single platform supports better decision-making and operational efficiencies reducing your time and cost. Using Sellihca as a pre-qualification system allows you to select suppliers without publishing separate calls for competition. This can you save several days in the procurement process.
    • Manage risk

      Via Sellihca you get access to validated information about suppliers which will help you to identify and manage risk in a consistent way. Furthermore, it allows you to ensure that you work with suppliers that comply with legislation and your company's code of conduct.
    • Raise the bar

      Sellihca community sets common requirements and standards within the industry sector, which facilitates business continuity and continual improvements against the latest industry best practice. This progress can be enhanced by including audit as a key component of the supplier management solution.
  • Win new business, increase visibility to buyers and shorten the sales cycle?

    With more than 60 buyer utilities using Sellihca to have up-to-date and validated supplier information, a subscription in Sellihca makes you visible to relevant customer group in the industry and offers you opportunity to win new business.

    Joining Sellihca enables you to:

    Win new business

    Over 2,700 individual buyer users from 60 organisations for you to promote your products and services to. Being visible and searchable in Sellihca allows you to be chosen for tenders where selection is made directly from Sellihca without a separate calls for competition.

    Reduce overhead

    Complete and maintain a single pre-qualification questionnaire for the whole utilities industry and avoid having to repeatedly provide information about your company. Buyers can view your details through Sellihca at any stage of the tender process.

    Increase credibility

    Via Sellihca subscription, you can demonstrate your company's capability to meet the industry requirements. Many suppliers use the pre-qualification certificate and logo stamp as integral part of their marketing programmes to show their credibility.

    R Wide visibility

    Via Sellihca subscription, you can demonstrate your company's capability to meet the industry requirements. Many suppliers use the pre-qualification certificate and logo stamp as integral part of their marketing programmes to show their credibility.

  • Join as a Supplier

    • Click 'Join as a supplier' and complete our order form.
    • Once your payment has been received, you will be sent details to access and complete your pre-qualification questionnaire online.
    • The information is checked by Achilles before it is made available to buyers.

    Supplier subscription levels and fees

    Sellihca has different subscription levels; your subscription level and the annual fee is based on the number of product and service codes you select.

    Number of codesAnnual feefee including 25% VAT*
    1-5 3 900 NOK 4 875 NOK
    6-15 4 900 NOK 6 125 NOK
    16-25 5 900 NOK 7 375 NOK
    >25 7 900 NOK 9 875 NOK

    *Fee including VAT is applicable for companies registered in Norway. For partial update, view fees and order.

  • How it works

    Suppliers are often invited to join Sellihca by buyer members. Achilles manages the invitation and qualification process on behalf of buyers and guide suppliers to join via letter, email, phone or website messages. Supplier can also join Sellihca independently by sending in an order form.

    After getting qualified, suppliers' information will be available for all the buyers in Sellihca. They can search with different criteria such as product and service codes, financial information and QA and HSE standards, and in this way identify suitable suppliers for any type of purchase. As a result a buyer gets a list of suppliers or contractors that meet the set criteria, which is linked to the detailed supplier information. This list can be used either as a final tender list or as a ‘first pass’ for additional questions to be asked.

    The steps to get qualified

    • Supplier decides the number of product and service codes, fill in an application form and pay the annual fee based on the number of codes they wish to register.
    • Once the payment is received, supplier will be sent details to access and complete the pre-qualification questionnaire online which needs to be completed and submitted within 30 days from the payment.
    • Supplier fills in the questionnaire including the products and services they supply and uploads the required documentation: Declaration 12 form and the copy of the company's latest Certificate of Incorporation. Suppliers registered in Norway must also upload the Norwegian Tax Certificates issued by the Norwegian Tax Office (VAT) and collector of taxes (tax/employers NI).
    • Achilles validates and evaluates the information based on the qualification requirements and contacts supplier for more information, if needed.
    • Achilles qualifies supplier and makes supplier's information available to all the buyer members in Sellihca. The supplier will receive a certificate confirming the qualification.
    • The qualification is valid for up to 12 months and need to be renewed before the end of this period. Information can be updated at any time by ordering an update.

    Overview of the supplier information in Sellihca

    • General company information:
      • Key persons and contact details
      • Locations and number of employees
      • Associated companies e.g. parent company and subsidiaries
    • Legal and financial information:
      • Public registration and major shareholders
      • Financial key figures
      • Bank and auditor
      • Taxes and fees
      • Information and rating from Dun & Bradstreet
    • Quality Assurance system, Health, Safety and Environmental Reporting system
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Business Ethics
    • Detailed information about products and services:
      • Chosen product and service codes together with supplier's own description
      • Contact person
      • QA system information
      • Manufacturers
      • References
  • Audit

    Suppliers with a high risk profile may be required to undergo an audit to assess their capability, competence and compliance in line with the relevant audit protocol. The purpose of the audit is to assess supplier's Corporate Social Responsibility and Health, Safety, Environment and Quality capabilities face-to-face with an auditor, and identify areas for business improvement and risk reduction. For more information, contact us on +47 37 06 35 20 or

    Auditing process
    • Contact with Achilles, at or +47 37 06 35 20, to get more information about how the audit is conducted, which sites needs to be visited and what kind of documentation is needed during the programme.
    • An audit is conducted on-site by an Achilles auditor together with the supplier’s key personnel.
    • Achilles evaluates and verifies the results. Once approved for publication by the supplier, the audit report is made available through the web-based portal to all the buyer members in Sellihca.
  • Additional Services for Buyers

    Achilles Support

    Achilles support is a free service for buying organisations which are members in one of Achilles Nordic supplier management communities. With the support service Achilles will help you invite your suppliers, collect and validate all information, and make it visible and searchable to you and all the buyers in the community.

    Internal Qualification

    Internal Qualification allows members of the buyer organisation to record information about each supplier and share that information across their business. It enables a representation of the business processes required by a procurement team to record a comprehensive assessment of a supplier enabling decisions to be made, both about continuous development and improvement of suppliers and also selection / de-selection decisions for new work.

    Additional Services for Suppliers

    NOTiCE - additional business opportunities for suppliers

    With thousands of opportunities published every year, Notice enables your organisation to be informed of relevant contract opportunities in the Nordics and Europe as published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Email notifications can be received by up to ten people, you will have access to a database to search thousands of opportunities and gain market intelligence on contracts relevant to your business that have been awarded in the past.