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In a truly connected world, better performing supply chains benefit everyone. Our global data validators provide us with volumes of high quality data to help you mitigate risk, improve working conditions and increase sustainability. As a result, suppliers are better placed to win new business and our buyers are able to procure with complete assurance.

Supplier sourcing and selection

Connecting the best in their industry

When assurance isn’t an issue business moves faster – so we’ve created solutions that drive sustainability and improve business performance .

Thanks to our rigorous, industry-specific prequalification processes, buyers know they’re choosing from suppliers who can meet their high standards.

Meanwhile, suppliers can concentrate on winning contracts without having to prove their credentials.

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Solutions Achilles Soutions Icons
Solutions Achilles Soutions Icons
Ongoing supplier assurance

Continually pushing for better practices

We combine business intelligence with vast amounts of data to build a complete picture of suppliers’ operations, their exposure to risk and what that means for buyers.

But we don’t just use our resources for monitoring. We actively help suppliers identify opportunities to improve their operations – leading to longer lasting, more profitable relationships.

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Supply chain risk management

Creating safer, more efficient supply chains

From the small details to the big picture, we give buyers clarity. That means they’re never in the dark about the partners they depend on.

And by helping suppliers to see themselves the way buyers do, we help sharpen their competitive edge.