Tasnee partners with Achilles Information for Supplier Pre-Qualification

13 Dec 2018

Achilles Information is pleased to announce a new partnership with Tasnee, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest industrial companies and one of the world’s largest producers of titanium dioxide, to launch their new Supplier Prequalification System, supporting a strategic aim to achieve excellence across all areas of Tasnee’s business.

Achilles Information is the global leader and partner of choice for supply chain risk and performance management. The partnership with Tasnee further cements Achilles’ reputation in the Middle East, following a number of high profile business wins and further expansion of operations in the region. In November, Achilles announced membership of the GPCA, a key strategic development.

Achilles has nearly 30 years’ industry experience, and will be working with Tasnee to ensure that all suppliers operate under the highest of quality standards whilst representing Tasnee in the marketplace.

From a Tasnee perspective, the programme will:
• Improve the standards of the suppliers that Tasnee choose to work with
• Assure to Tasnee’s customers that the business maintains highest standards
• Help demonstrate compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility program,
• Support engagement with the Saudi nationalization scheme, (Nitaqat system)
• Access to new technology to support systems and processes.
• Access to vendors prequalified by other buying organizations in the region.
• Access to supplier auditing expertise and resources
• Ensure that final decision on qualification of each vendor stays with Tasnee

Sharing networks and knowledge is at the core of Achilles, by participating in the scheme the suppliers will have opportunity to engage with other buying organisations using the platform, providing a low cost and efficient platform for them to increase their sales.

Mr. Fawaz Al-Fawaz, EVP Shared Services, Tasnee stated:

“This new program will allow us to improve the standards of the suppliers that we choose to work with and to assure to our customers that we maintain the highest standards.
Additionally, this program will support our engagement with the Saudi nationalization scheme, (Nitaqat system) and provide access to prequalified vendors by other buying organizations in the region, access to supplier auditing expertise and resources.”

Jay Katzen, CEO, Achilles Information commented:

“I am delighted that Tasnee has chosen to work with Achilles, demonstrating our growing credibility and strength in this key area of development, the Middle East. In engaging with Achilles, Tasnee is demonstrating a commitment to ensuring their suppliers maintain the highest standards, as well as compliance with corporate social responsibility protocols. We look forward to working in partnership with the Tasnee team at this exciting time.”

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