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Father Christmas – the ultimate Global Supply Chain Manager


Father Christmas – the ultimate Global Supply Chain Manager

Futurists have long predicted that one day drones will deliver our online shopping right to our door, and self-driving cars will deliver us right to our door after the work Christmas party. While this might sound like pie in the sky to sceptics, in fact we’ve already got a prime example of the ultimate global supply chain to marvel at. One that only comes out at the most wonderful time of the year.

With 1.6 billion toys to deliver in 32 hours (thanks to time zones and the rotation of the earth ) Father Christmas undoubtedly faces the most daunting of logistical challenges. But this is only half the challenge. He also oversees a workforce of elves to manufacture 1.6 billion gifts, wrap them in 1.5 million miles of wrapping paper and match the right gift to the right location across the globe. Put simply, he’s sleighing it and setting an example we can all learn from.

The ultimate sustainable business

Working from his workshop at the North Pole, Father Christmas presides over a team of specialist toy-making elves. Using only the finest of raw materials, the team creates handmade artisan toys which are prized the world over for their quality. Father Christmas’s toys offer a sustainable alternative to the cheap plastic tat that’s flooding our oceans.

Father Christmas then backs up his sustainable credentials by deploying the ultimate low-carbon transport solution, using only a sleigh and reindeer. The reindeer’s small methane emissions can’t hold a candle to those of fossil fuels. Achieving impressive efficiency, the sleigh visits 5,556 houses per second, powered only by carrots for the reindeer and magic. Then it’s off in a flash, before you can say, “Hold on for deer life!”

An employer of choice

Behind the scenes, the elves are the glue that hold SANTA-HQ together. Hiring locally, where possible, Father Christmas is the model of a diverse and inclusive employer. The elves are renowned for their work ethic and cheery can-do attitude, and the company enjoys some of the highest employee engagement rates amongst global employers.

Health and safety on site is a priority, with robust policies wrapping around every business process.

A robust data-driven business model

Receiving billions of letters each year, Father Christmas is sitting on a gold mine of customer insight. He knows exactly what every child in the world wants for Christmas, making customer satisfaction and loyalty a certainty. It also allows him to plan production precisely to requirements, eliminating waste and controlling costs.

With little chance of anyone achieving the scale needed to compete with him, it’s unlikely that Father Christmas will be knocked off his spot at the top of the tree any time soon.

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