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Introducing the Achilles Carbon Calculator: Simplifying GHG Emissions Management for Businesses

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Introducing the Achilles Carbon Calculator: Simplifying GHG Emissions Management for Businesses

The team here at Achilles is delighted to introduce the latest feature in the MyAchilles Carbon Management Module – the Achilles Carbon Calculator. Our new Carbon Calculator tool is designed to enable organisations to capture their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions data and share the data with their clients – very easily and very cost-effectively.

This new tool is primarily intended for companies that are in the early stages of measuring their carbon footprint and either aren’t collecting GHG data yet or have been relying on excel spreadsheets to do the job and are now ready to adopt a more professional and efficient solution.

Remember, Achilles offers other carbon management services such as Carbon Reduce for organisations that are more mature in terms of their carbon journey and are ready to achieve significant carbon reductions and are looking for an independently audited solution.

The Carbon Calculator uses a comprehensive set of questions to guide you through the process of inputting all the raw emissions data you need to capture, such as petrol use and electricity consumption. It then calculates your carbon emissions for you using established and internationally recognised algorithms. Read more about the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

It´s increasingly important for businesses of all sizes to understand their emissions. Aside from the obvious importance of us all working to reduce emissions and play our part in getting to net zero, carbon emissions are also becoming an important factor in procurement decisions. Big businesses are under increasingly pressure to capture their indirect “Scope 3” supply chain emissions to comply with regulations such as CSDDD and IFRS and need this information from their suppliers in order to do so.

Buyers also want this information so that they can make more informed procurement decisions and select suppliers with lower environmental footprints and/or that can show they are working to reduce emissions to help achieve their wider sustainability goals. To make that as easy as possible, the carbon data collected in the Carbon Calculator is automatically added to each companies’ profile in MyAchilles and can also be easily exported for inclusion in your proposals, tenders and bidding processes.

Overall, the new Achilles Carbon Calculator is there to help companies make a smooth and straightforward start to better carbon management and demonstrate a proactive approach towards sustainability best practices.

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