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There are many potential areas of risk to a business – health and safety, environment, global increases in forced labour and a growing focus on anti-bribery and corruption. Exposure to any of these issues can have devastating consequences for business. Balancing the need to manage supplier-related costs and risks, while ensuring supply chain governance, presents many challenges.

Data quality powers our solutions. We validate information through our support teams, qualified assessors and via specialist third-party data feeds. Approximately 300 support staff and auditors complete more than 500,000 supplier pre-qualification questionnaire validations and over 6,000 on-site audits globally every year.

We use 4 key assessment stages to capture information and qualify suppliers in line with your company or industry risk model, the on location audit provides the most rigorous level of supply chain governance and assurance:

  • Supplier Registration
  • Industry Pre-qualification Questionnaires
  • Specialist Pre-qualification Questionnaires
  • Audits

Supplier data management costs millions each year with many companies spending in excess of per supplier annually to manage supplier information

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Raising standards in ethical business

As the connection between thousands of suppliers and buyers, we know the headaches the auditing process can cause – from both sides. Using this experience, we’ve created a process that’s both standardised and specialised.

Protocols tailored to your industry

We develop and deliver our audits with scope and protocols that meet your specific requirements. These can cover industry standards, recognised best practice or country-specific laws.

Enhanced validation

Our audits cover a supplier’s organisational management systems. Through a certified QMS (quality management systems) everyone in your supply chain understands the importance of internal controls and high quality standards.

Viewable reports

Once approved, audit reports are published. These can then be viewed online by your and your supplier’s authorised teams. Areas for improvement can also be identified and action plans put in place for any non-compliance.

Continuous improvement

Non-compliance reports and action plans can become the building blocks to ongoing improvements, so you can work with suppliers over the long term.

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Removing uncertainty. Strengthening relationships

Pre-qualification Questionnaire
Management System audit
Watchlist Screening
Pre-qualification Questionnaire

Part of our supplier pre-qualification process is collecting and verifying data relating to past data breaches and cyber attacks. This gives buyers a more complete and accurate view of the risk profiles of potential and current suppliers. We remove the uncertainty of working with new companies and help strengthen existing relationships.

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Management System audit

The scope of our audit programmes covers an assessment of the supplier’s organisational management systems covering key supply chain risk areas including:

  • Quality
  • Health Safety
  • Environmental Sustainability / CSR
  • Carbon Management
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Watchlist Screening

Criminals don’t have to target you to hurt your business. If your supply chain includes nefarious organisations it can do huge damage to your reputation.

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Are your suppliers as prepared as you’d like them to be? Our quality and management system audits are an essential tool to help you and your suppliers understand where you might be exposed to risks.

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